MSC op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer: “Pa. Reaps Natural Gas Benefits”

By: David Spigelmyer “Pennsylvania energy will continue to create good jobs and enormous shared benefits for decades if policymakers chose to harness – rather than discourage – these opportunities.” The year was 1859. The scene was a small Pennsylvania town called Titusville. What happened there changed the world forever, and for the better. Oil – […]

MSC Sets the Record Straight in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

At a recent U.S. Department of Energy hearing in Pittsburgh, a Laborers’ International Union of North America official stated that shale is transforming “people’s lives by providing steady, quality long-term employment,” adding: “For many, it has been a path out of poverty.” “Normally I don’t write about fracking,” admitted Dan Simpson in a July 30 […]

MSC in Williamsport Sun-Gazette: “Pa. needs more jobs, not new energy taxes”

State Rep. Rick Mirabito’s recent claims regarding proposed new energy taxes on shale development (“Lawmaker weighs in on severance tax debate,” July 17) are unsupported by basic economic realities that inform business decisions. To be clear: New job-crushing energy taxes will not only harm landowners and small businesses, but will also undercut future job-creating benefits […]

MSC in Morning Call: Pa., U.S. Benefit from Clean-Burning Natural Gas

Columnist Paul Carpenter’s most recent attack (“A tale of two legislators: the gas-drilling drama”) on the thousands of hardworking men and women that make up Pennsylvania’s shale industry was offensive and deeply ill-informed. Mr. Carpenter’s patronizing words — which seek to belittle the countless locally based small businesses and labor organizations that are hiring more […]

MSC in Tribune-Review: “Our members are good corporate citizens”

A survey of elected leaders in Washington and Greene counties found generally positive experiences with the gas exploration industry that has changed the face of their communities. “They’re starting to see a lot of vitality. There’s physical activity in the communities and new wealth among some property owners. New employees. That’s all very positive,” said […]

MSC in the Times-Leader: New Energy Taxes Hurt Job Creation, Manufacturing

Pennsylvania’s abundant natural gas resources continue to benefit our region. In fact, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission recently announced disbursements of shale impact fee tax revenues – which totaled nearly $225 million for 2013 – to local counties and municipalities across the commonwealth, bringing the three-year total to more than $630 million. Luzerne County, Lackawanna […]

MSC in Erie Times-News: Shale Development is Breathing New Economic Life into our Region

Pennsylvania’s abundant natural gas resources continue to benefit our region. In fact, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission recently announced that disbursements of shale impact fee tax revenues, which totaled nearly $225 million for 2013, to local counties and municipalities brought the three-year total to more than $630 million. Erie County and its municipalities, for example, […]

MSC in the Tribune-Democrat: Shale Development a Boon to Region

Pennsylvania’s abundant natural gas resources continue to benefit our region. In fact, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission recently announced disbursements of shale impact-fee tax revenues – which totaled nearly $225 million for 2013 – to local counties and municipalities across the commonwealth, bringing the three-year total to more than $630 million. Cambria County and its […]

MSC in Tribune-Review: Natural Gas Impact Fees Benefit Our Communities

Responsible shale development continues to be an economic lifeline for communities across the entire commonwealth. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s disbursement of nearly $225 million in shale impact fees provides critical revenues directly to local governments and for important environmental-focused programs. These revenues increased more than 10 percent from 2012 to 2013. Act 13, a […]

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Q&A with MSC President David Spigelmyer

David J. Spigelmyer, commander-in-chief of the region’s largest shale development trade association, the Marcellus Shale Coalition, was also a key figure in the Robinson organization’s development in 2008. Before being named president last year, Mr. Spigelmyer was chairman, vice chairman and the leader of the coalition’s legislative committee. He also served as vice president of […]

MSC Highlights “Gas Drilling’s Benefits” in Tribune-Review

President Obama has underscored the urgency of revitalizing our nation’s manufacturing base, especially in regions like ours where this sector — and the communities it supports — have struggled for far too long. As we know, our region’s workforce is second to none. Now — driven by tightly regulated shale development — a brighter, more […]

MSC in Times-Tribune: More Taxes Would Hurt Job Growth

A recent editorial (“Pressure rises for fair tax on natural gas,” April 17) unfortunately relies on political rhetoric rather than economic realities regarding shale development in the commonwealth. While the paper wrongly suggests that the shale industry has a “nearly-free ride” in terms of taxes, fees and other financial contributions to our state, your readers […]

MSC in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: President Obama Knows the Value of Natural Gas

Our region’s shale industry welcomes President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden back to Western Pennsylvania, home to the Marcellus Shale, our nation’s largest and most productive formation. As President Obama has stated, “America is closer to energy independence than we’ve been in decades” — and thanks to responsible shale development, we’re leading the […]

MSC in Philadelphia Daily News: Pa. Capturing Benefits of Shale

Imagine if your neighbor owned a nice big backyard – hundreds of acres that he or she purchased with hard-earned income. Now imagine that oil and natural gas was discovered a mile below that privately owned land. Most would say, “Good for them.” In rural and western Pennsylvania, that’s exactly what happened with the Marcellus […]

MSC in Scranton Times-Tribune: “Shale Delivers”

A March 30 story (“Natural gas just the beginning”) lays out the clear facts regarding shale development and these abundant resources’ downstream uses for a host of manufacturing-related purposes, and for power generation, which are marking “the beginning of a more stable economy built on products made from natural gas” for the region. This story […]

MSC in Cranberry Eagle: Shale an “Economic Game Changer” for our Region

Regional shale gas development and the major impacts it has made globally in just a short amount of time dominated the discussion Thursday during Energy Symposium 2014 at Butler County Community College. About 70 residents, municipal officials and business representatives spent the morning in Founders Hall listening and learning from a handful of experts, including […]

MSC president discusses shale development with W.Va. State Journal

David J. Spigelmyer is president of the Marcellus Shale Coalition. He spoke with The State Journal about the present and future potential of developing Marcellus Shale. THE STATE JOURNAL: What is the short- and long-term outlook for development of the Marcellus Shale? DAVID J. SPIGELMYER: It is incredible to see how far we’ve come in […]

MSC in Allentown Morning Call: “Shale a Positive Economic Force”

Two recent stories (“A tax on fracking would have raised millions” and “State inflates fracking-related jobs numbers” ) deprived your readers of important facts. First, shale development is a powerful source of job creation. While some attempt to understate this positive impact, which is revitalizing communities across Pennsylvania, a recent Manhattan Institute analysis determines that […]

MSC in Pittsburgh Business Times: Shale Production is Boosting our Regional Economy

Although the day-after headlines are about economic inequality and retirement plans, President Obama didn’t ignore the natural gas industry in Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address. Obama said safely extracted natural gas can lower carbon production and help spur the construction of new factories that use natural gas. He vowed to help do that […]

MSC in Patriot-News: Act 13 Ruling Hurts Business Climate, the Environment

The recent PennLive/Patriot-News editorial (“Supreme Court reins in gas drilling excesses of Act 13,” Dec. 21) suggests that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s recent decision to remove portions of Act 13 from the law is a victory for our environment. In fact, the ruling unravels some of the environmental protections created by the bipartisan regulatory modernization […]

MSC in Lancaster New Era: Shale Development a “Clear Environmental Winner” for Our Region

Ad Crable’s column (“What happens to our forests once the fracking stops?” Dec. 1) asks what Pennsylvania is doing to safely develop clean-burning shale gas on state-owned lands and elsewhere. Through robust environmental regulations and the Marcellus Shale Coalition’s recommended practices for Well Site Planning, Development and Restoration, a commitment to sharing the land with […]

MSC in The Sentinel: Shale Industry Continues to Protect and Enhance our Environment

Dear Editor: Theresa Myers’ recent column (“Surfing the Marcellus fracking wave,” Dec. 7) paints a picture of what she believes is needed to ensure that shale gas is produced safely. The fact of the matter is we are doing it right in Pennsylvania, where tightly regulated shale development continues to be a powerful job-creating engine […]

MSC’s Dave Spigelmyer: Shale is a “Game-Changing” and “Multi-Generational” Resource

By Joshua Sterling The shale industry will continue to grow in Pennsylvania and attract major capital investments as long as the state government works to create a more competitive business market for energy companies. That was the theme of a presentation held Tuesday at Drake Well Museum, as the multi-purpose room was filled with state […]

MSC’s Dave Spigelmyer Lays Out the Facts in Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader

A recent editorial (“Is shale drilling good for you?”, Dec. 1) misses the mark on a number of levels. It must be noted that The Times Leader, through its parent company Civitas Media, publishes a quarterly publication – NEPA Energy Journal – that highlights the benefits of natural gas to our region and is an […]

PA Business Central: Marcellus 2014; Q & A with MSC’s Steve Forde

By R. Brock Pronko In 2008, energy companies formed the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) to bring together exploration and production, midstream, and supply chain companies operating in the Appalachian Basin to address critical issues regarding the production of domestic natural gas from the Marcellus and Utica Shale plays. MSC also provides detailed information to policy […]

MSC in Scranton Times-Tribune: Strong Regulations Protect Our Environment and Wildlife

Editor: Ensuring that our environment and wildlife are protected alongside responsible, tightly regulated shale development is a core commitment of our industry. Unfortunately, several key facts were not conveyed in an article (“Trout facing threat from gas, group says,” Nov. 20) regarding this important issue. First, a host of strong state regulations are in place […]

MSC in the Philadelphia Inquirer: Our Region is Enjoying an Energy Revival

In a recent commentary about our region’s potential to become a global energy hub, thankfully, the question the authors raise – how to square the economic opportunity with environmental challenges – is easily answered (“Revive Phila. energy hub,” Nov. 13). The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently found that greenhouse gas emissions are plummeting. They attribute […]

MSC in Patriot-News: Shale Enhancing Pennsylvania’s Infrastructure

Oil and natural gas producers are committed to ensuring the roads our industry utilizes are effectively maintained and remain safe for all, while taking responsibility for any impacts associated with our operations. Ask any elected state official, regardless of party affiliation, what a top issue facing the Commonwealth is and they’ll likely cite transportation funding […]

MSC’s Dave Spigelmyer Tells SNL: Shale a “Huge Deal for Pennsylvania”

By Alex Benedetto David Spigelmyer, the newly appointed president of the Marcellus Shale Coalition, believes that one of the most important roles of the coalition is educating the public on the safety practices employed by the natural gas industry. But with the moratorium on drilling in New York approaching six years and new studies coming […]

MSC in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Shale Gas vs. the Environment is a False Choice

Residents across Pittsburgh’s seven-county metropolitan area overwhelmingly — by a margin of nearly 2-to-1 — support safe natural gas development. Unfortunately, the Post-Gazette article “The Survey Says: Pittsburghers Care for Environment” (Oct. 30) did not fully inform its readers about the clear environmental benefits tied to responsible shale production or Pennsylvania’s strong regulatory framework. While […]

AP: Marcellus Shale Gas Growing Faster Than Expected

Natural gas production from the Marcellus Shale region is growing faster than expected, according to a new federal report issued Tuesday. Marcellus production has now reached 12 billion cubic feet a day, the Energy Information Administration report found. That’s the energy equivalent of about 2 million barrels of oil a day, and more than six […]

Law 360: Shale Guidelines Ensure “Safe, Responsible and Efficient” Operations

By Dan Packel A Pennsylvania-based trade group focused on promoting development of the Marcellus Shale on Wednesday released new guidelines for drilling wells and engaging in hydraulic fracturing, two of the most critical aspects of the shale development process. The Marcellus Shale Coalition’s newest guidance focuses on the areas of drilling and “completions” and aims […]

Shale Daily: Report Finds Shale Employs Nearly 232K in Pa.

Industries dependent on the Marcellus Shale employed nearly 232,000 workers in Pennsylvania during 1Q2013, according to a monthly report by the state Department of Labor & Industry’s Center for Workforce Information & Analysis (CWIA). According to a 10-page report released on Oct. 1, during a four-year period — from 1Q2009 to 1Q2013, the latter being […]

MSC in Tribune-Review: Safe Shale Development a “Global Phenomenon”

By Chris Buckley Joy M. Ruff is excited about the economic opportunities that Marcellus shale is creating in the region – and believes everyone should be. “If you’re not excited I’ve failed today, because this is a special opportunity,” Ruff said Tuesday. Ruff, community outreach manager for the Marcellus shale coalition, along with Susan Oliver, manager/community […]

CBS Philly: Marcellus Shale Coalition Comes Back To Philadelphia

By Cherri Gregg “It’s really meant to create additional dialogue and learning around issues around energy production here in Pennsylvania and throughout the Appalachian basin,” said Steve Forde. The Marcellus Shale Coalition will be in Philadelphia this week for its third annual conference. Shale Insight 2013 will bring together hundreds of industry leaders, CEO’s and elected […]

MSC Lays Out the Facts in the Philadelphia Daily News

Will Bunch’s story fundamentally fails to provide your readers with critical facts about safe shale development. Despite the unfounded claims advanced in the story, this week, in announcing approval for a liquefied natural-gas export project in southern Maryland, the U.S. Department of Energy underscored this fact: “The development of U.S. natural-gas resources is having a […]

MSC in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Economic Impact Studies are “An Important Advocacy Tool”

Steve Forde, vice president of policy and communication at the Marcellus Shale Coalition, says economic impact studies are “an important advocacy tool and in the initial years in the Marcellus development, they really helped to build the case that this is real.” The American people, regular consumers, are the latest target of IHS Global Insights. Today, the Colorado-based forecasting […]

MSC in Scranton Times-Tribune: Mr. President, Let’s Work Together

Editor: With President Obama visiting the region this week to talk about the economy, his positive remarks about safe natural gas development come immediately to mind. “We should strengthen our position as the top natural gas producer,” the president said in June, adding: “The bottom line is natural gas is creating jobs. It’s lowering many […]

MSC Lays Out the Facts on Natural Gas in Standard Speaker

I was disappointed to read a recent story (“Author looks at downside of natural gas,” Aug. 4) about natural gas development. The article, focused on a book by Walter Brasch, was filled with inaccuracies. Mr. Brasch’s latest book is seemingly years behind in raising issues that have been debated and researched here in Pennsylvania and […]

Associated Press: Marcellus Gas Production Rising Fast in Pa., W.Va.

By KEVIN BEGOS Associated Press Kathryn Klaber, CEO of the Marcellus Shale Coalition, said that the industry group expects “that activity will remain robust” since the necessary infrastructure is increasingly in place to process and move natural gas to market. Marcellus Shale natural gas production is rising even faster this year than energy experts had […]

Philadelphia Inquirer: Natural Gas Industry to Gov. Markell: “Move Forward”

Last November, Delaware Gov. Jack A. Markell was putting on the brakes when it came to natural gas development in the Delaware River Basin. Last month, he was extolling the virtues of natural gas at an event to celebrate the conversion of a coal-fired power plant in Dover to natural gas. And didn’t the natural […]

MSC in New York Times: Methane Claims “Based on Flawed Research”

Anthony R. Ingraffea’s most recent attack on natural gas (“Gangplank to a Warm Future,” Op-Ed, July 29) is based on flawed research. As Mr. Ingraffea hangs onto his 2011 paper’s assertions about methane controls, science has emerged and passed him by. He conveniently does not mention the Environmental Protection Agency’s latest Greenhouse Gas Inventory, released in […]

MSC in Philadelphia Inquirer: “It’s Time for the DRBC to Catch Up”

On a subject that relies so heavily on facts and science, it is a shame The Inquirer chose to cherry-pick information and lead readers to believe that natural-gas development in northeastern Pennsylvania should be further, and unnecessarily, delayed (“No rush to drill near the Delaware,” July 23). For three years, while the Delaware River Basin […]

MSC in Erie Times-News: Marcellus Shale Fees Benefiting “Every Square Inch of Pa.”

‘Christmas in July,” is how one township supervisor in Allegheny County described it. No, this official was not referring to snow. It’s a new revenue stream, called an impact fee, that is paid by natural gas companies and distributed to local governments and state agencies by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. For this township, it […]

Post-Gazette: Legislation to speed up gas pipeline permitting moving in U.S. House

By Tracie Mauriello “It’s clear that leaders in Washington, as well as in states like Pennsylvania, continue to recognize and embrace the clear environmental and economic benefits tied to abundant American natural gas.” WASHINGTON — A House panel is considering legislation aimed at speeding up federal approval of permits for natural gas pipelines, an effort […]

MSC in Scranton Times Tribune: Editorial on Duke Study “Short on Facts”

A recent editorial (“Gas in water more than coincidence,” July 1) highlighting research from a Duke University study is as short on facts as the study itself. While the editorial’s headline states that methane in water wells is more than a “coincidence,” I think it’s safe to say that without pre- and post-drill water samples, […]

Associated Press: Gov. Corbett calls on DRBC to lift 3-year natural gas moratorium

“Landowners in northeast Pennsylvania have the right to develop their own property, and the DRBC should move forward with issuing long-overdue regulations.” Gov. Tom Corbett urged the Delaware River Basin Commission to lift a three-year moratorium on gas drilling, saying it has depressed economic growth in northeastern Pennsylvania and deprived landowners of their property rights. […]

E&E News: USGS Finds Natural Methane in Pa. Water

By Ellen M. Gilmer, E&E reporter U.S. Geological Survey researchers are adding to the growing volume of research surrounding methane in Pennsylvania water. A small USGS sampling found high levels of naturally occurring methane in two of 20 randomly selected private water wells. Five other wells also contained some levels of methane, but the source […]

MSC in Post-Gazette: Natural Gas Industry Deeply Committed to Protecting Our Environment

In the June 9 Forum article “The Way Forward on Shale” (June 9), Carnegie Mellon University president Jared Cohon makes excellent points about the environmental and economic benefits of natural gas. As a CMU graduate, I am proud that the university is involved in this important and ongoing conversation. As Mr. Cohon made clear, the […]

MSC in Tribune-Democrat: Natural Gas Industry Committed to Safety, “Growing Local Businesses”

It was heartening to read about some of Act 13’s positive impacts on Cambria County in a recent editorial (“Marcellus Shale’s fair share,” May 26), but roundly criticizing the bipartisan impact fee in favor of a severance tax fails to provide Tribune-Democrat readers with important facts and context. Indeed, over the past several years, Marcellus […]