MSC in Tribune-Review: Natural gas bridges the partisan divide

Presidential elections too often focus on polarizing issues that divide us rather than areas of common ground that bring us together. No matter one’s political views, a thriving economy, sustained job growth with family-supporting wages and benefits, a healthy environment, and our nation’s security will always enjoy broad bipartisan support. Thankfully with American natural gas, […]

MSC, Steamfitters 420 in PennLive: Union trades, natural gas partnership to lead Pa. recovery

By David Spigelmyer and Jim Snell Selfless and hardworking Americans in Delaware County producing plastic-based personal protective equipment; EMTs, doctors, nurses and medical professionals working around the clock on the pandemic’s front lines; skilled laborers supporting the safe production, transportation and generation of natural gas fired electricity. These are among the many heroes we salute […]

MSC in Observer-Reporter: Shapiro’s report ‘disservice to commonwealth’

By David Spigelmyer In the event that you did not read Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s 243-paged natural gas report in its entirety, here’s the key takeaway: factually, legally inaccurate. That’s how dedicated Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) professionals described it, with the state’s top environmental regulators adding that Shapiro’s two-year taxpayer-funded effort “presents an […]

MSC in Morning-Call: How Pennsylvania’s natural gas boom has led to carbon emission cuts

By David Spigelmyer & Tony Seiwell This year, we celebrate Earth Day with cleaner air and water than when the event was created 50 years ago, thanks to decades of collaboration and innovation. The United States is well positioned for continued environmental success, with American natural gas serving as the latest catalyst for positive progress. […]

MSC in Hart Energy: Marcellus Shale Coalition’s Spigelmyer Sees Positive Outlook

Despite headwinds facing Appalachia natural gas drillers, the president of the Marcellus Shale Coalition, David Spigelmyer, told Hart Energy the news is not all bad from the region. These are tough times for natural gas drillers in Pennsylvania, the center of the Marcellus Shale. A persistent glut of natural gas has led to a price […]

MSC in Bradford Era: Domestic Shale Revolution ‘Transformed America’

Concerns of scarcity, rising prices, men and women in uniform protecting our nation and increasing dependence on foreign nations to fulfill our energy demands defined the energy outlook of the early and mid-2000s. America was not “apt to return to a period of relative abundance and low prices, anytime soon,” then-Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan […]

MSC in PennLive: Raising drilling permit fees by 150 percent will hurt Pennsylvania’s economy

Concerns of scarcity, rising prices, men and women in uniform protecting our nation and increasing dependence on foreign nations to fulfill our energy demands defined the energy outlook of the early and mid-2000s. America was not “apt to return to a period of relative abundance and low prices, anytime soon,” then-Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan […]

MSC in Williamsport Sun-Gazette: Ban on natural gas development would reverse environmental progress

We applaud the Sun-Gazette for sharing the devastating impact that a hydraulic fracturing ban, as proposed by some presidential candidates, would have on consumers, our economy, the environment and our national security (“Dem candidates being irresponsible by calling for ban against fracking,” Sept. 21). The elimination of hydraulic fracturing and fossil fuels as some have […]

MSC in The Hill: Public policy should support, not eliminate, technology behind shale gas revolution

A flood of climate plans has been released recently by 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls, with some centering on eliminating the very technology that’s driving economic growth and environmental progress. Banning the safe, responsible use of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” unequivocally threatens U.S. national security, good-paying jobs and the continued opportunity for environmental progress.  Clean, domestic natural […]

MSC in Newsday: Cuomo’s policies impeding progress

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s policies to block energy infrastructure projects are squarely to blame for the lack of new access to natural gas. Consumers and small businesses across the metropolitan area are feeling the pinch of these poor decisions [“Business groups urging Cuomo to approve gas pipeline,” News, Aug. 29]. Blocking the proposed Williams Co. […]

MSC in Pittsburgh Business Times: Stick with an energy solution that’s already working

Working to outflank one another, politicians – including many vying for the White House – have put forth lofty promises and bumper sticker goals on America’s energy policy. Lost in the political bluster is a solution that’s already working: American natural gas – the clean, low-cost resource found in abundance across Appalachia. While natural gas […]

MSC in New Castle News: Additional energy taxes will cost consumers, jobs

Editor, The News: Pennsylvania’s existing tax on natural gas development — the impact fee — is a policy solution that’s working as designed. This fact was unfortunately missing from a July 24 article (“Governor’s proposed plan to fix blight and internet availability in city”) covering the Wolf administration’s plan that would triple-tax energy development in […]

MSC in RealClear Energy: Unrealistic Energy Policies Sting American Consumers

The United States is the global energy production leader, yet 23 million Americans across the Northeast face energy reliability and affordability challenges. These issues are not from a lack of natural gas production – instead, from the politically motivated, irrational decisions of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to prevent energy infrastructure from being built.    More […]

MSC in PennLive: A rising tide lifts all boats: supporting an energy-enabled economy

By David Spigelmyer With better-than-expected tax revenue collections and more than six million Pennsylvanians employed in the workforce – an all-time high – the Commonwealth’s economic outlook is increasingly bright. Fewer Pennsylvanians are looking for work than at any time since August 2000. The Commonwealth’s unemployment rate is currently the lowest since 1976. Tax collections […]

MSC in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Natural gas companies are committed to public safety

As parents, we are saddened by the reports of children and families in our region affected by cancer. Make no mistake, our organizations — and the tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians who produce clean, domestic energy — welcome and encourage additional science-based and objective research from the state Department of Health that considers all possible […]

MSC in Williamsport Sun-Gazette: Natural gas impact tax working

Over the years, we have heard local leaders use one word to describe Pennsylvania’s unique tax on natural gas development: “Godsend.” Without the tax revenue delivered directly to local communities, buying that new fire truck, fixing the courthouse dome or improving the biking trail just wouldn’t have been possible. Seven years after its implementation, we continue to […]

MSC in Delco Times: Gas producers are pushing technology

To the Times: Readers deserve critical context and facts that were omitted from Rep. Vitali’s recent op-ed on emissions (“Gov. Wolf’s methane proposal falls short,” May 3). The industry-driven innovation that spurred the shale revolution a decade ago is now aimed at improving operations, as natural gas producers are investing in technology and developing best […]

MSC in The Daily Item: State’s impact fee is a winning solution

A recent column from Pennsylvania Secretary of Community and Economic Development Dennis M. Davin (“Correcting the record about the severance tax,” Apr. 30) omitted the funding solution that’s currently improving infrastructure in each of the 67 counties and driving broad economic and environmental benefits for all Pennsylvanians. The commonwealth’s unique natural gas tax — the […]

MSC in Williamsport Sun-Gazette: Solutions to leveraging resource

An April 7th editorial (“Use caution with Wolf’s gas tax proposal”) almost got it right: Governor Wolf’s Restore Pennsylvania plan creates “a triple-tax” on natural gas that will be shouldered by consumers and jeopardize good-paying jobs. In addition to the taxes required to be paid by every entity doing business in the Commonwealth, the state’s […]

MSC in Delco Times: Pa. natural gas fees already helping state

To the Times: Pennsylvania’s current tax on natural gas generates hundreds of millions of dollars annually for key infrastructure improvements, but it is a tax that Governor Wolf ignores in a March 17 column (“Tom Wolf has a vision to Restore Pennsylvania”). The natural gas impact fee – or tax – is on track to […]

MSC in Philadelphia Inquirer: Natural Gas Drives Pa. Air Quality Progress

Banning the safe production and use of clean, affordable and domestic natural gas, as shared in a Feb. 14 column, is a surefire way to reverse environmental progress and squash sustained economic growth, especially among Pennsylvania’s working middle class. Despite the outspoken views of extreme activists, we don’t have to choose between a healthy, thriving […]

MSC in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Impact fee provides many benefits in Pa.

We agree with the Post-Gazette’s support for strengthening Pennsylvania’s infrastructure, but the paper’s Feb. 13 editorial “Paying Their Fair Share” ignores the current funding solution that generates hundreds of millions of dollars annually for infrastructure, community and environmental programs. Pennsylvania’s unique tax on natural gas — the impact fee — is projected to generate nearly […]

MSC in Bucks County Courier Times: Prohibiting shale development defies common sense

For more than a decade, responsible shale development across Pennsylvania has generated unprecedented opportunities to provide sustainable and broad-based economic and environmental benefits to our region and the nation. Unfortunately, a Feb. 4 editorial ignores these facts in misguidedly supporting an unconstitutional ban on safe, responsible natural gas development in the Delaware River Basin. While we cannot […]

MSC in the Westchester County Business Journal: Cuomo administration’s energy blockade

To the editor: Westchester County is “in a panic,” the Business Journal reported last week, as consumers can’t access American natural gas supplies they need. This burden for New York families has been created by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who continues to block job-creating natural gas pipeline projects. New York was the fifth-largest natural gas consumer […]

MSC in The Citizens’ Voice: Develop policies that encourage natural gas development

Pennsylvania’s tax on natural gas – the impact fee – generates hundreds of millions of dollars annually for critical infrastructure programs across the entire Commonwealth, a fact omitted in your Feb. 4 editorial, “Wolf’s test for lawmakers.” Revenues generated from the natural gas tax are projected to hit a record $247 million this year, and […]

MSC in PennLive: Pa.’s future depends on the continued growth, diversification of its energy portfolio

By Gene Barr, David Spigelmyer and David N. Taylor As we kick off the legislative session and look ahead to Governor Wolf’s budget address, there are many challenges facing our divided government. And yet, there is common ground that transcends party lines and regional boundaries. From Erie to Philadelphia, Pennsylvanians support strong economic growth, steady job […]

MSC in Observer-Reporter: America cannot afford to ‘keep it in the ground’

By David Spigelmyer and Gene Barr Infrastructure is the framework upon which our lives are built. Whether it’s the roads and bridges that get us where we need to go, the power grid providing around-the-clock electricity, or the pipelines connecting consumers and manufacturers to abundant, affordable oil and natural gas, today’s world depends on a […]

MSC in Williamsport Sun-Gazette: Natural gas can help curb climate change

Clean, local natural gas is the fundamental driver behind reducing greenhouse gas emissions and curbing climate change – a critical fact often missing from the ongoing climate debate. As the nation’s second largest natural gas producer, Pennsylvania is at the forefront of leveraging this clean fuel source to enhance air quality and stimulate enormous economic […]

MSC in Butler Eagle: Pa. power already hits Paris targets

Clean, local natural gas is the fundamental driver behind reducing greenhouse gas emissions and curbing climate change — a critical fact often missing from the ongoing climate debate. As the nation’s second largest natural gas producing state, Pennsylvania is at the forefront of leveraging this clean fuel source to enhance air quality and stimulate enormous […]

MSC in Washington Examiner: American natural gas will help solve global energy poverty

Think of the last time the lights went out. When we lose power, we are immediately reminded by every inconvenience — by the inability to heat, cook, and charge our phones — of our complete dependence on reliable, affordable, on-demand energy. Americans are blessed never to worry about whether electricity will be there when we need it. […]

MSC in Tribune-Review: Natural gas cleanly powers our modern world

By David Spigelmyer Clean natural gas is the fundamental driver behind reducing greenhouse gas emissions and curbing climate change — a plot line unmistakably absent from the narrative of a recently aired National Geographic documentary, “Paris to Pittsburgh.” The United States is the world’s largest oil and natural gas producer and the global leader in […]

MSC in Scranton Times-Tribune: Recent editorials advance misguided policy

Editor: Policies advanced in two recent Times-Tribune editorials are misguided and represent bad public policy. A proposal regarding natural gas lease agreements (“House whiffs on fair gas royalties,”Oct. 12) ignores settled case law, for which the solution proposed is an unconstitutional effort to change existing contracts. The severance tax proposal pushed by Gov. Tom Wolf […]

MSC in PennLive: PennLive’s editorial didn’t tell the whole story on Marcellus money

A recent PennLive/Patriot-News editorial regrettably relies on a sloppily compiled report containing numerous, glaring errors. Though the report claims to tally shale-related political contributions, it included non-industry donors, such as wind, nuclear and utility companies. Specifically, the report considered contributions from a Pittsburgh-area Coca-Cola distributor, a federal credit union and the Humane Society of the […]

MSC in Pocono Record: Pa. has a natural gas tax

Pennsylvania’s natural gas tax continues to pay off for communities around the state. Last week, the Commonwealth Financing Authority announced grants for 123 projects, including many locally. That’s great news to celebrate — and it’s important to remember that those grants, which support playgrounds, trails, flood mitigation and other environmental programs, are funded through Pennsylvania’s […]

MSC in Observer-Reporter: Natural gas driving force behind Pa. manufacturing growth

By David Spigelmyer, David Taylor and Gene Barr Pennsylvania is steeped with a rich manufacturing history – boosted by a blue collar, hardworking spirit upon which Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and the surrounding communities was built and is hardwired into our DNA. While manufacturing has ebbed and flowed for generations, Pennsylvania is making things again, and that […]

MSC in Scranton Times-Tribune: Recent editorial falls woefully short of full truth

Relying on a deeply biased so-called “report,” a recent Times-Tribune editorial (“Disclose all fracking chemicals,” Sept. 13) falls woefully short of providing your readers with legitimate facts. For starters, hydraulic fracturing fluids are typically made up of more than 99 percent water and sand, and less than 1 percent of highly diluted additives that we […]

MSC in Bradford Era: Natural gas a winner for region

It’s an absolute fact that natural gas development continues to be an economic and environmental winner for our region. But a letter to the editor (“Rural Pennsylvania Needs a New Voice”) shares misleading and downright false information regarding this important, job-creating, economic driver of the Commonwealth’s economy. Pennsylvania has a unique way of taxing natural […]

MSC in Delaware Co. Daily Times: Common ground for Pa.: Natural gas is delivering results for citizens

By David Spigelmyer As we move deeper into this election season, candidates will crisscross the state offering solutions to create jobs, grow the economy, protect our environment, keep us safe, and increase revenues, among many campaign promises. Even though it may seem like there’s much that pulls us apart, the need for clean, reliable and […]

MSC in Post-Gazette: Shale gas is saving Pennsylvanians on their energy costs

By David Spigelmyer A rock formation more than a mile beneath the Earth’s surface is generating billions of dollars in energy savings for Pennsylvanians. And those savings are particularly helpful to low-income households, who typically pay, as the Post-Gazette has reported, “a higher percentage of their income toward energy costs.” That formation includes the Marcellus […]

MSC in Tribune-Review: Impact fee pays Pa. municipalities dividends

By David Spigelmyer In central Pennsylvania, boaters and anglers can use two new access points to enjoy the scenic Juniata River. Near Wilkes-Barre, workers will rehabilitate four steel bridges that have fallen into disrepair. In Williamsport, a new $16 million airport terminal broke ground early this spring. And in Westmoreland County, the DiVirgilio Sports Complex […]

MSC in Morning Call: Improving energy infrastructure key to nation’s security, economy

By David Spigelmyer Across the nation this past week, business groups, trade unions and consumer advocates came together to discuss the importance of improving and expanding the critical infrastructure that powers America. The message of National Infrastructure Week — “It’s Time to Build” — is one Pennsylvanians have known to be true for many years […]

MSC in PennLive: Just Say ‘No’ to Wolf’s Latest Severance Tax Push

By David Spigelmyer Political stunts and double-speak appear to be the hallmarks of this election season, especially when it comes to safe, job-creating natural gas development. Pennsylvania politicians – starting with the driver of the navy blue Jeep – claim they want the job creation, community benefits and economic growth that natural gas delivers. In […]

MSC in Phila. Inquirer: Gov. Wolf’s Policies Don’t Match His Rhetoric When It Comes to Natural Gas

By David Spigelmyer Gov. Wolf recently shared some encouraging insights on Pennsylvania’s energy future. “The shale gas resources in the Appalachian Basin represent enormous economic opportunity,” he said in a news release announcing efforts aimed at attracting more manufacturing to the commonwealth. If only the governor’s policies matched his rhetoric, which continues to threaten the […]

MSC in Times-Tribune: Higher Energy Taxes Burden Working Families

Editor: Pennsylvanians expect our leaders in Harrisburg to focus on common-sense solutions that encourage and support job creation. Unfortunately, Gov. Tom Wolf once again puts politics first by proposing another energy tax increase. As The Times-Tribune editorial (“Conditions favor Wolf’s key initiative,” Feb. 8). correctly states, “consumers ultimately will pay (the tax).” With natural gas […]

MSC in Providence Journal: Rolling blackouts, skyrocketing costs

By David Spigelmyer While Americans across the country benefit from energy savings tied to greater domestic production, consumers in one of our nation’s most densely populated regions remain energy starved because of misguided, dangerous policies. Lacking modern infrastructure access to Marcellus Shale production, millions of New Englanders continue to face skyrocketing costs and the prospect […]

MSC in PennLive: Here’s why we think a severance tax is still a bad idea

By David Spigelmyer, Gene Barr, David Taylor We begin 2018 with a national feeling of optimism as the economy is looking up. America’s unemployment rate holds at a 17-year low and confidence in the job market has hit record highs, according to national Gallup research. Growth is fueling further optimism as a recent National Association […]

MSC in PennLive: This deer season, here’s how our industry is helping hunters share the harvest

Everyone can agree that Pennsylvania is rich in natural beauty. From hunting and fishing, to hiking, camping or canoeing, we all enjoy getting outdoors and exploring what is right in our backyard. We and our respective organizations’ members hold a deep commitment to conservation and environmental stewardship aimed at protecting the land, air and water […]

MSC in Sun-Gazette: The natural gas formula: Safe development and solutions to attract, not drive away, investors

By David Spigelmyer Pennsylvania is blessed with abundant natural resources. For more than 200 years, our coal, timber, oil, and natural gas have been the raw materials that have built our nation. As we recognize Manufacturing Day and Energy Month, it’s a good opportunity to explore the ways homegrown, domestic natural gas is presenting a […]

MSC in Times-Tribune: Higher Energy Taxes Stifle Growth

By David Spigelmyer As the state’s budget debate drags on, we’ve seen encouraging signs of principled leadership from some in Harrisburg who are committed to creating an environment that encourages job and economic growth opportunities. Unfortunately, some remain singularly focused on jamming through job-crushing energy taxes. Pennsylvania is in the very early stages of potentially […]

MSC in PennLive: Say No to a Severance Tax – It’s a Job-Crusher

By David Spigelmyer This budget season, we’ve seen encouraging signs of true leadership from some who are committed to creating new, long-term job and economic growth opportunities for the Commonwealth. Unfortunately, we’ve also heard from some lawmakers whose only “solutions” are massive, job-crushing energy tax increases. It’s time for a fresh look at the real […]