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U.S. shale boom putting #OPEC on the defense #AmericanEnergy #Marcellus


MSC in @tribunedemocrat: #NaturalGas Industry Committed to Safety, “Growing Local Businesses” #SmallBiz #Jobs


NY organic farmer op-ed in @nydailynews: We “welcome a #NaturalGas well on our farm” #Marcellus #Jobs


Interesting @TribLIVE editorial about safe, tightly-regulated #ShaleGas #Marcellus


[email protected]_LePage: #NaturalGas “critical to #mfg, attracting business, and keeping Mainers employed” #Marcellus


Fmr. top #EPA official: State govt. should continue tightly regulating #HydraulicFracturing, not fed. govt.


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Clean-burning American #NaturalGas turn ‘world of energy on its head’ via @RTDNews #Marcellus #ShaleGas


Dominion Resources’ Cove Point #LNG export project: Right place, right time via @RTDNews #Marcellus #NatGas


RT @EnergyTomorrow: Increased use of #natgas has reduced U.S. carbon #emissions to the lowest level since 1994: http…


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Have questions about #ShaleGas? Visit to see real questions from real people. #LearnAboutShale #Marcellus #NatGas


#NaturalGas pipelines benefit local economy via @WBNGActionNews #Marcellus

MSC in Tribune-Democrat: Natural Gas Industry Committed to Safety, “Growing Local Businesses”

It was heartening to read about some of Act 13’s positive impacts on Cambria County in a recent editorial (“Marcellus Shale’s fair share,” May 26), but roundly criticizing the bipartisan impact fee in favor of a severance tax fails to provide Tribune-Democrat readers with important facts and context. Indeed, over the past several years, Marcellus […]


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Access to clean-burning #NaturalGas will save one NY town at least $350k/year via @pressconnects #Marcellus


MSC member @WilliamsUpdates talks #NaturalGas benefits for #smallbiz, via @WBNGActionNews #Jobs #ShaleGas #Marcellus


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Thanks in part to #Marcellus #ShaleGas, Pa. earns nat’l economic development recognition cc: @AreaDevelopment


[email protected] bullish on #NaturalGas industry’s benefits, environmental safeguards via @WmsptSunGazette #Marcellus


[email protected]: #Marcellus balanced with “job creation, economic development & good environmental practices” #WeAgree


Via @IBDeditorials: #HydraulicFracturing: The Death Knell Of #OPEC #AmericanEnergy #Marcellus


Pa. Rep. Tina Pickett Urges Local Governments to Apply for #NaturalGas Vehicle Grants #Marcellus #CNG


Via @AP: @GovPenceIN says #CNG creates #jobs, improves our environment & strengthens #energy security #NatGas


RT @investPA: #Marcellus Shale is the largest known shale deposit in the world & most in #PA, attracting companies to invest in PA http://t…


Ever wonder about #NatGas well pad construction? How about #Shale #jobs? Visit to see real questions from real people


New pipeline to supply #NaturalGas to Maine consumers by year’s end via @KJ_Online #Marcellus #HydraulicFracturing


ICYMI: RT @GEpublicaffairs: Article by @JasonBordoff in @TheHill makes the case for #natgas exports. #trade


Thoughtful column on #NaturalGas exports; #LNG benefits will “spread throughout the North American economy”


RT @WKBN: Businesses Gather to Navigate Natural Gas Opportunities

Why didn’t you run your ad in the University City Review and Weekly Press?

As you may know, the Marcellus Shale Coalition is running Learn About Shale educational ads across several targeted print and digital platforms in the Greater Philadelphia region. And while we did not purchase ads in the University City Review or the Weekly Press, we certainly appreciate your interest in this ongoing and fact-based dialogue about […]

Could environmentally friendly housing be sent to the region?

We don’t see why not, however that’s a decision that will be made by regional developers and county housing agencies. One (of 13) permitted use(s) of Pennsylvania’s natural gas impact fee revenue is the construction of affordable housing, so it might be worthwhile contacting your local housing agency to inquire about who they plan to […]

How much money did the natural gas/shale industry give to the Corbett campaign? What did you receive in return? Did any industry give more?

The Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) does not make political contributions and does not have a political action committee (PAC). That said, some of our member companies do have PACs and have contributed to candidates of both political parties, including Governor Corbett. 

Will a water purification bottle render water taken from a stream where frack fluids were dumped safe to drink?

As you may know, a host of regulatory safeguards and requirements, as well as advanced technologies, are in place to ensure that our water resources are protected. Click here to read more.

Discuss the tax structure and implications of that tax structure knowing there is $1.65 billion tax credits being offered to Shell.

It’s our understanding that the tax credit you are referring to is available to any petro-chemical company that locates in the Commonwealth, not just the one you reference. As you know, there is immense competition among states to attract these sizable projects, with state governments often competing among each other to attract these investments.  Providing companies […]

Where and how to construct pads?

Prior to site construction commencing, operators are required to obtain several permits from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and meet additional guidelines set forth by other state agencies. Once these permits are granted, site construction can begin. Following is a step-by-step analysis of the pad construction provided by the University of Pittsburgh: After the […]

Has enough research been done to know for certain there are no health issues caused by disposal water from fracking?

Oil and gas development has a long and storied history in Pennsylvania. More than 350,000 oil and gas wells have been drilled in Pennsylvania since 1859, with more than 70,000 active oil and natural gas wells in the commonwealth today, not including Marcellus Shale wells. And while those early wells were drilled with conventional methods, […]

Where will we hunt and fish once you have turned the rest of our state into a congested dust bowl with truck-stops, man-camps, bad roads, and high levels of toxic smog and polluted streams?

Like you, a great deal of the men and women in Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry enjoy the outdoors. We also live in the communities where natural gas development is taking place. As for road conditions, the natural gas industry is required by law to fix and repair roads if/when damaged. In fact, over the past […]

How do you respond to complaints about tap water ‘catching fire’, houses exploding, water contaminated?

Shallow natural gas – or methane – has historically been, and continues to be, present in communities across Pennsylvania. This methane, in many cases, has migrated over generations naturally into private water wells. In fact, a recent analysis by the Center for Rural Pennsylvania, a legislative research arm of the General Assembly, found that 20 […]

Why are there no trespassing signs where drilling is occurring on public lands?

Your safety and that of our employees is of the utmost importance to the natural gas industry. The temporary “No Trespassing” signs act as a protective measure that safeguards the public and designate areas which should only accessed by highly-trained personnel. Once development of that location is completed and the site is reclaimed, these signs […]

How will greater productivity in well drilling and production affect gas-based employment?

Natural gas development is a highly technical process that continues to evolve as new technologies are developed. Some of these technologies improve efficiencies along the supply chain, while others create new opportunities for skilled workers to further their careers. There are some areas of the development, pipeline construction in particular, that will continue to provide […]


Ohio’s Mahoning Valley soon will have its 1st compressed #NaturalGas fueling station via @TribToday #CNG #Marcellus


Folks are asking about all aspects of #ShaleGas and we are answering. Visit to catch the new questions. #NaturalGas


RT if you support greater #American opportunity thanks to #ShaleGas via @CNBC, @DanielYergin

I have priceless sculptures on my lawn in front of my trailer. Will natural gas fracturing cause earthquakes and harm my treasures?

Not to worry, your priceless sculptures will indeed remain safe. The process of hydraulic fracturing does not pose a high risk for seismic activity, especially one that would be capable of causing any structural damage. Hydraulic fracturing occurs between 4,000-8,500 feet deep below the ground, on average over a mile away from the surface. The […]


Move Over, #OPEC; #ShaleGas 21st Century’s “Biggest Innovation” #Marcellus #AmericanEnergy


Must Read @HoustonChron editorial: Move over, OPEC #Marcellus #AmericanEnergy #HydraulicFracturing


RT @TheBizJournal: Shale Industry Energizes Building Trades Unions – YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Local building tradesmen expect a busy seaso… ht…