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#ShaleGas Development is an American Success Story, says XTO President at #SGI2012 cc: @exxonmobil


XTO Energy president Jack Williams now keynoting #SGI2012 cc: @exxonmobil #ShaleGas #Marcellus


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[email protected] tells #SGI2012 that “Marcellus betters society” #WeAgree #NaturalGas #Jobs #AmericanEnergy


At #SGI2012, @GovernorCorbett hails promise of #Marcellus Shale. @Maykuth reports #ShaleGas #Jobs


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[email protected] addressed #SGI2012 this morning. Here’s the @AP story on his remarks: #ShaleGas #Marcellus


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Romney adviser Mike Krancer highlighting EPA Region 3’s overreach in #Dimock at #SGI2012


Obama campaign adviser Kathleen McGinty @ #SGI2012: “#HydraulicFracturing has never impacted groundwater; we need to stick to the facts”


Great @RepMeehan op-ed in @rollcall: Philadelphia Staking Its Energy Claim Again #ShaleGas #Marcellus #Jobs


Ted Koppel moderating #SGI2012 presidential panel with Mike Krancer & Kathleen McGinty. #ShaleGas critical to our energy future, they say.


RELEASE: Shale Gas Insight 2012 Kicks Off in #Philadelphia #SGI2012 #Marcellus #NaturalGas


#Energy advisers to @BarackObama & @MittRomney tout #ShaleGas in today’s @PhillyInquirer; they’ll also be appearing at #SGI2012 today!


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Shale Gas Insight 2012 Kicks Off in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Pa. – Today, SHALE GAS INSIGHT™ 2012 officially kicked off at the Philadelphia Convention Center. The two-day, Marcellus Shale Coalition-sponsored event – attracting 150 exhibitors – will feature speeches and remarks from industry-leading executives, such as MarkWest Energy Partners Chairman and CEO Frank M. Semple, Range Resources Executive Chairman and Director John H. Pinkerton, […]


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What does the development of this asset mean to the ordinary citizen of the S.E. region?

For consumers, expanded natural gas production from the Marcellus Shale is leading to significant savings in the form of lower, more affordable energy costs. And as more clean-burning natural gas is safely produced, more consumer savings are being realized. In fact, the region’s largest natural gas utilities – PECO, NFG, PGW, Columbia, Equitable, UGI, UGI […]

Where are [you] located?

The MSC is headquartered at 400 Mosites Way, Suite 101 in Pittsburgh, Pa., with an office in Harrisburg, Pa. We also have regional field representatives throughout the Commonwealth, in central, northeastern and southeastern Pennsylvania.

Is there a state regulatory framework to both protect the environment and encourage economic progress?

Yes. In fact, Pennsylvania recently enacted Act 13, a comprehensive bipartisan law that balances the economic and environmental benefits and impacts related to natural gas development. Additional details on Act 13 can be found on the PA DEP’s website, including a list of frequently asked questions. Following the passage of H.B. 1950, which would later […]

How much water is recycled?

According to the most recent data gathered by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Marcellus Shale natural gas producers are recycling and reusing, in some cases, more than 90 percent of flowback water. The remaining water is disposed of in EPA-approved and permitted underground injection wells.

What types of jobs opportunities will be available?

Natural gas development from the Marcellus Shale is creating tens of thousands of good-paying jobs across the region at a time when they’re most needed. The short answer is that the range of natural gas industry-related jobs is incredibly broad. From well-tenders to rough necks, to truck drivers and landscapers, to lawyers and environmental scientists […]

Is it going to contaminate the water?

There are a few major milestones in the development of a Marcellus Shale natural gas well. The first is site preparation, followed by the drilling of the well, completions process (hydraulic fracturing) and building the gathering infrastructure to get the gas to market. Prior to building the well pad, companies are required to obtain an […]

Specifically, who sits on the Coalition?

A full list of both our board member (exploration & production and midstream) companies is available here. Our executive board members are listed on our website, which is accessible here. Our board members elect the executive board. Our president also sits on the board.

What are the geopolitical impacts of what is happening now?

Several years ago, when experts believed the United States was running out of natural gas, natural gas import facilities where being built to meet our nation’s growing energy needs. At that time, serious discussions were underway among some foreign countries — notably Iran, Russia and Venezuela – aimed at forming an OPEC-like natural gas cartel. […]

How safe is fracking?

The first step in the completion or hydraulic fracturing process involves perforating the well casing in the horizontal portion of the well. By setting a small charge, which perforates the casing and cement, we create the necessary opening in the casing to allow the hydraulic fracturing portion of the completions process to begin. The fracturing […]

What chemicals are used in the fracking solution? AND What are you pumping into the ground?

Hydraulic fracturing fluids are made up of more than 99.5 percent water and sand. A small portion of these fluids are made up of common, every day additives, which are highly diluted. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requires natural gas producers to disclose the entire universe of these additives on a well-by-well basis. […]

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What is the number of jobs anticipated for the region?

Today, according to the state department of Labor & Industry, nearly 239,000 direct and indirect jobs across the commonwealth of Pennsylvania are supported by the natural gas industry. These are jobs that exist because we are producing Pennsylvania’s abundant natural gas resources. Nationally, according to IHS Global Insight researchers, in 2010, unconventional gas activity supported 1 […]

Who is the Marcellus Shale Coalition? Who pays your bills?

Founded in 2008 and formally organized as a 501(c)6 organization in late 2009, the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) – made up of just over 300 member companies – works with exploration and production, midstream, and supply chain partners across the Appalachian Basin (primarily in Pennsylvania) and on national issues that could impact our members in […]


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[email protected] upbeat on #ShaleGas, via @plasticsnews #NatGas #Marcellus #Mfg #Jobs


In @PhillyInquirer, MSC president Kathryn Klaber touts the environmental benefits tied to #NaturalGas #SGI2012


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SHALE GAS INSIGHT™ kicks off tomorrow. We look forward to seeing many of you in #Philly for a great event! #SGI2012


Thanks to American #ShaleGas, “#NatGas prices in #Europe are 5 to 6 times the going rate in the U.S.” via @WSJopinion


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[email protected] Introduces Empower States Act to Boost Domestic Oil and Gas Production, Grow U.S. Economy, Create Jobs


RT @SenJohnHoeven: Our Empower States Act puts states first! It will boost domestic oil and gas production, grow our economy and create …


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More #ConsumerSavings, via @AP: NStar is proposing lowering #natgas rates to their lowest level in a decade #Marcellus


Thanks to expanded U.S. #ShaleGas production, @NSTAR_News proposes lower #NaturalGas rates for #Massachusetts consumers


Exciting story, via @NewsOK: @OKstate_Racing set #naturalgas record #CNG


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Thanks to #Marcellus production, “#NaturalGas costs going down for many in NJ” – via @AP #NatGas