MSC: Landmark study reflects “the industry’s long and clear record of protecting our environment”

NOTE: The leading industry group in Pennsylvania said the DOE study reaffirms that hydraulic fracturing “is a safe and well-regulated technology.” Marcellus Shale Coalition president Dave Spigelmyer said that the study reflects “the industry’s long and clear record of continuously working to enhance regulations and best practices aimed at protecting our environment.” PITTSBURGH (AP) — The […]

Marcellus Quarterly Magazine, Fall 2014

Read the fall edition of Marcellus Quarterly Magazine.

New Video: “Shale Impact Fee Benefits all of Pennsylvania”

Pittsburgh, Pa. – Today, the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) released a new online video highlighting the broad-based benefits being realized across Pennsylvania associated with shale impact fee tax revenues. The video – entitled “Shale Impact Fee Benefits all of Pennsylvania” – features facts, figures and examples of how the $630 million in impact fee tax […]

MSC in the Pittsburgh Business Times: Pa. producing 20% of national gas supply

Pennsylvania’s shale gas wells yielded a record amount of natural gas during the first six months of 2014, producing about 1.9 trillion cubic feet, according to data provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Compared to the last six months of 2013, production increased a bit more than 14 percent. And compared to the […]

MSC op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer: “Pa. Reaps Natural Gas Benefits”

By: David Spigelmyer “Pennsylvania energy will continue to create good jobs and enormous shared benefits for decades if policymakers chose to harness – rather than discourage – these opportunities.” The year was 1859. The scene was a small Pennsylvania town called Titusville. What happened there changed the world forever, and for the better. Oil – […]

MSC Sets the Record Straight in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

At a recent U.S. Department of Energy hearing in Pittsburgh, a Laborers’ International Union of North America official stated that shale is transforming “people’s lives by providing steady, quality long-term employment,” adding: “For many, it has been a path out of poverty.” “Normally I don’t write about fracking,” admitted Dan Simpson in a July 30 […]

MSC Issues Annual Workforce Survey Results

Pittsburgh, Pa. – Today, the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) released the results of its annual workforce survey [click here for detailed pdf. overview]. The findings – based on 2013 data – were provided by a large majority of MSC member companies, representing nearly 95% of Pennsylvania’s shale production. “Shale development represents a generational opportunity for […]

MSC in Williamsport Sun-Gazette: “Pa. needs more jobs, not new energy taxes”

State Rep. Rick Mirabito’s recent claims regarding proposed new energy taxes on shale development (“Lawmaker weighs in on severance tax debate,” July 17) are unsupported by basic economic realities that inform business decisions. To be clear: New job-crushing energy taxes will not only harm landowners and small businesses, but will also undercut future job-creating benefits […]

MSC in Morning Call: Pa., U.S. Benefit from Clean-Burning Natural Gas

Columnist Paul Carpenter’s most recent attack (“A tale of two legislators: the gas-drilling drama”) on the thousands of hardworking men and women that make up Pennsylvania’s shale industry was offensive and deeply ill-informed. Mr. Carpenter’s patronizing words — which seek to belittle the countless locally based small businesses and labor organizations that are hiring more […]

MSC in Tribune-Review: “Our members are good corporate citizens”

A survey of elected leaders in Washington and Greene counties found generally positive experiences with the gas exploration industry that has changed the face of their communities. “They’re starting to see a lot of vitality. There’s physical activity in the communities and new wealth among some property owners. New employees. That’s all very positive,” said […]