MSC in Delco Times: Gas producers are pushing technology

To the Times: Readers deserve critical context and facts that were omitted from Rep. Vitali’s recent op-ed on emissions (“Gov. Wolf’s methane proposal falls short,” May 3). The industry-driven innovation that spurred the shale revolution a decade ago is now aimed at improving operations, as natural gas producers are investing in technology and developing best […]

MSC in The Daily Item: State’s impact fee is a winning solution

A recent column from Pennsylvania Secretary of Community and Economic Development Dennis M. Davin (“Correcting the record about the severance tax,” Apr. 30) omitted the funding solution that’s currently improving infrastructure in each of the 67 counties and driving broad economic and environmental benefits for all Pennsylvanians. The commonwealth’s unique natural gas tax — the […]

MSC in Williamsport Sun-Gazette: Solutions to leveraging resource

An April 7th editorial (“Use caution with Wolf’s gas tax proposal”) almost got it right: Governor Wolf’s Restore Pennsylvania plan creates “a triple-tax” on natural gas that will be shouldered by consumers and jeopardize good-paying jobs. In addition to the taxes required to be paid by every entity doing business in the Commonwealth, the state’s […]

MSC in Delco Times: Pa. natural gas fees already helping state

To the Times: Pennsylvania’s current tax on natural gas generates hundreds of millions of dollars annually for key infrastructure improvements, but it is a tax that Governor Wolf ignores in a March 17 column (“Tom Wolf has a vision to Restore Pennsylvania”). The natural gas impact fee – or tax – is on track to […]

MSC in Philadelphia Inquirer: Natural Gas Drives Pa. Air Quality Progress

Banning the safe production and use of clean, affordable and domestic natural gas, as shared in a Feb. 14 column, is a surefire way to reverse environmental progress and squash sustained economic growth, especially among Pennsylvania’s working middle class. Despite the outspoken views of extreme activists, we don’t have to choose between a healthy, thriving […]

MSC in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Impact fee provides many benefits in Pa.

We agree with the Post-Gazette’s support for strengthening Pennsylvania’s infrastructure, but the paper’s Feb. 13 editorial “Paying Their Fair Share” ignores the current funding solution that generates hundreds of millions of dollars annually for infrastructure, community and environmental programs. Pennsylvania’s unique tax on natural gas — the impact fee — is projected to generate nearly […]

MSC in Bucks County Courier Times: Prohibiting shale development defies common sense

For more than a decade, responsible shale development across Pennsylvania has generated unprecedented opportunities to provide sustainable and broad-based economic and environmental benefits to our region and the nation. Unfortunately, a Feb. 4 editorial ignores these facts in misguidedly supporting an unconstitutional ban on safe, responsible natural gas development in the Delaware River Basin. While we cannot […]

MSC in the Westchester County Business Journal: Cuomo administration’s energy blockade

To the editor: Westchester County is “in a panic,” the Business Journal reported last week, as consumers can’t access American natural gas supplies they need. This burden for New York families has been created by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who continues to block job-creating natural gas pipeline projects. New York was the fifth-largest natural gas consumer […]

MSC in The Citizens’ Voice: Develop policies that encourage natural gas development

Pennsylvania’s tax on natural gas – the impact fee – generates hundreds of millions of dollars annually for critical infrastructure programs across the entire Commonwealth, a fact omitted in your Feb. 4 editorial, “Wolf’s test for lawmakers.” Revenues generated from the natural gas tax are projected to hit a record $247 million this year, and […]

MSC in PennLive: Pa.’s future depends on the continued growth, diversification of its energy portfolio

By Gene Barr, David Spigelmyer and David N. Taylor As we kick off the legislative session and look ahead to Governor Wolf’s budget address, there are many challenges facing our divided government. And yet, there is common ground that transcends party lines and regional boundaries. From Erie to Philadelphia, Pennsylvanians support strong economic growth, steady job […]