MSC in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: President Obama Knows the Value of Natural Gas

Our region’s shale industry welcomes President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden back to Western Pennsylvania, home to the Marcellus Shale, our nation’s largest and most productive formation. As President Obama has stated, “America is closer to energy independence than we’ve been in decades” — and thanks to responsible shale development, we’re leading the […]

MSC in Philadelphia Daily News: Pa. Capturing Benefits of Shale

Imagine if your neighbor owned a nice big backyard – hundreds of acres that he or she purchased with hard-earned income. Now imagine that oil and natural gas was discovered a mile below that privately owned land. Most would say, “Good for them.” In rural and western Pennsylvania, that’s exactly what happened with the Marcellus […]

MSC in Scranton Times-Tribune: “Shale Delivers”

A March 30 story (“Natural gas just the beginning”) lays out the clear facts regarding shale development and these abundant resources’ downstream uses for a host of manufacturing-related purposes, and for power generation, which are marking “the beginning of a more stable economy built on products made from natural gas” for the region. This story […]

MSC in Cranberry Eagle: Shale an “Economic Game Changer” for our Region

Regional shale gas development and the major impacts it has made globally in just a short amount of time dominated the discussion Thursday during Energy Symposium 2014 at Butler County Community College. About 70 residents, municipal officials and business representatives spent the morning in Founders Hall listening and learning from a handful of experts, including […]

MSC president discusses shale development with W.Va. State Journal

David J. Spigelmyer is president of the Marcellus Shale Coalition. He spoke with The State Journal about the present and future potential of developing Marcellus Shale. THE STATE JOURNAL: What is the short- and long-term outlook for development of the Marcellus Shale? DAVID J. SPIGELMYER: It is incredible to see how far we’ve come in […]

MSC in Allentown Morning Call: “Shale a Positive Economic Force”

Two recent stories (“A tax on fracking would have raised millions” and “State inflates fracking-related jobs numbers” ) deprived your readers of important facts. First, shale development is a powerful source of job creation. While some attempt to understate this positive impact, which is revitalizing communities across Pennsylvania, a recent Manhattan Institute analysis determines that […]

MSC in Pittsburgh Business Times: Shale Production is Boosting our Regional Economy

Although the day-after headlines are about economic inequality and retirement plans, President Obama didn’t ignore the natural gas industry in Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address. Obama said safely extracted natural gas can lower carbon production and help spur the construction of new factories that use natural gas. He vowed to help do that […]

MSC in Patriot-News: Act 13 Ruling Hurts Business Climate, the Environment

The recent PennLive/Patriot-News editorial (“Supreme Court reins in gas drilling excesses of Act 13,” Dec. 21) suggests that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s recent decision to remove portions of Act 13 from the law is a victory for our environment. In fact, the ruling unravels some of the environmental protections created by the bipartisan regulatory modernization […]

MSC in Lancaster New Era: Shale Development a “Clear Environmental Winner” for Our Region

Ad Crable’s column (“What happens to our forests once the fracking stops?” Dec. 1) asks what Pennsylvania is doing to safely develop clean-burning shale gas on state-owned lands and elsewhere. Through robust environmental regulations and the Marcellus Shale Coalition’s recommended practices for Well Site Planning, Development and Restoration, a commitment to sharing the land with […]

MSC in The Sentinel: Shale Industry Continues to Protect and Enhance our Environment

Dear Editor: Theresa Myers’ recent column (“Surfing the Marcellus fracking wave,” Dec. 7) paints a picture of what she believes is needed to ensure that shale gas is produced safely. The fact of the matter is we are doing it right in Pennsylvania, where tightly regulated shale development continues to be a powerful job-creating engine […]