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Why can’t acid mine water be used for fracking instead of fresh water?

It can, and MSC member companies are actively working to make this a reality. We recently commissioned RAND Corporation to research this matter (click here to view that study) and the Pa. Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has issued a white paper on the topic. Additionally, former DEP Secretary Mike Krancer said this about using […]

Does is hurt the community or the economy?

The economic impact of natural gas development has brought great opportunity to every corner of the commonwealth, most notably to rural communities that have been economically depressed for decades. As for adverse impacts on these communities, as an industry we make efforts to minimize any inconveniences, but also recognize that there are impacts which is […]

Where’s the gas coming from?

The natural gas in the Marcellus Shale formation comes from the compression of organic matter over hundreds of millions of years. The Marcellus formation is upwards of 390 million years and located 4,000-9,000 feet below the earth’s surface.


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Pressure Mounts on U.S. to Export #NaturalGas, Which Will Create #Jobs & Drive Down Trade Imbalance via @CNBC


Clean burning American #naturalgas is creating a positive economic ripple effect across the US


New on the blog: Top @whitehouse Nat’l Security Advisor Touts Clear Benefits of American #NaturalGas #Marcellus


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#ShaleGas a “driver for our economic recovery—boosting jobs, economic activity, and govt. revenues” via @whitehouse


“America’s #NaturalGas boom is helping to spark a domestic manufacturing revival”[email protected] Nat’l Security Advisor


U.S. Risks Market Loss Without #NatGas Export Permits, Dominion Says via @BloombergNews #LNG #ShaleGas


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#Naturalgas enhances America’s air quality –


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‘Marcellus Works’ Event Highlights Aqua’s Fleet Conversion to Compressed #NaturalGas #CNG #Marcellus


Acting @Energy Sec. Poneman calls #NatGas an “incredible” and “transformational” resource #CGEPlaunch @ColumbiaUEnergy #SIPAenergy #WeAgree

Top White House Nat’l Security Advisor Touts Clear Benefits of American Natural Gas

At the launch today of Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy, a diverse group of thought-leaders and policy experts discussed the key and growing role that clean-burning natural gas will continue to play here at home and globally. The speakers included Pulitzer-Prize winning author Daniel Yergin, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, White House […]


LIVE: @JasonBordoff & @conocophillips CEO discuss future opportunities given U.S. #NaturalGas boom #CGEPlaunch


Thomas Donilon, Nat Sec Advisor to @BarackObama says #NaturalGas boom sparked a U.S. “manufacturing revival” #CGEPLaunch @ColumbiaUEnergy


Tom Donilon: #NaturalGas boom is a “driver in U.S. economic recovery” #CGEPLaunch @ColumbiaUEnergy watch live:


Penn Township to build a new bridge this year thanks to #MarcellusShale impact fees via @TribLIVE #Act13 #NatGas


NYC Mayor Bloomberg: #NaturalGas has the potential to benefit us for decades to come #CGEPlaunch #SIPAenergy @SEAColumbia @ColumbiaUEnergy


@danielyergin calls #ShaleGas America’s “biggest innovation” at the #cgeplaunch @columbiauenergy watch live: #NatGas


#HydraulicFracturing is safe, scientists say – via @VailDaily


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New Md. #naturalgas power plant announced; expected to create 600 construction #jobs via @cecil_whig


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#Naturalgas creates tens of thousands of jobs, lowers energy costs –

Give an overview of natural gas development – who, what, when, where, why; have a one-pager

The safe, tightly-regulated production of clean-burning natural gas involves several fundamental steps: Companies lease mineral rights from land- and mineral-owners; Companies then do seismic testing to determine what areas are likely to have economically recoverable quantities of natural gas; Companies then perform basic earthmoving activities to prepare a drilling location, or a pad site, for […]

Is there a way to get it safely from the ground without causing damage and contaminating water?

Yes. Natural gas development from shale formations is a time-tested process, that when done in accordance with state and federal regulations, will not impact fresh water supplies. Here in Pennsylvania, under both Governors Ed Rendell and Tom Corbett, environmental regulations have been strengthened with broad industry and stakeholder support. The Marcellus Shale Coalition has also […]

What about job opportunities?

With over 250,000 Pennsylvanians working in Marcellus Shale and related industries, and the vast majority of all new hires coming from Pennsylvania, there are a host of employment opportunities available to those looking for a challenging career in the natural gas industry. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry (L&I) also shows that wages in […]

Will the Coalition do anything to dispel the fears that individuals have about water pollution, etc.?

Absolutely. This is partly the goal behind this question and answer website: to engage every day Pennsylvanians about the safe and responsible development of the Marcellus Shale and address the concerns of our neighbors. Our website,, along with this website, is a content rich resource for those interested in learning more about this process. […]

How many states have a severance tax on natural gas?

To date, at least 36 states impose various types of severance taxes on natural gas development, while 31 states specifically tax on the extraction of oil and gas. Here in Pennsylvania, operators pay a per-well impact fee, which generated more than $400 million in new revenue over the last two years. This impact fee is […]

When did shale drilling start in the U.S.?

Good question. Truth be told, the first natural gas well in North America was actually a shale well in Fredonia, NY developed back in 1821 – 38 years before “Colonel” Edwin L. Drake Drake drilled his famous oil well in Titusville, Pennsylvania in 1859. But we’re guessing that your question is more than likely geared […]

Who do I contact about advertising?

If you are looking to advertise with the Marcellus Shale Coalition, we do not offer direct advertising opportunities. However, if you are looking to advertise your services to our member companies, we encourage you to visit our Marcellus on Main Street online directory. Our business directory is a platform designed to connect the Natural Gas […]

What is the education process?

Jobs in the natural gas industry vary widely, so there are many education tracks that one can pursue. From well-tenders to rough necks, truck drivers and landscapers, to lawyers and environmental scientists, there are opportunities for just about every profession in the natural gas industry. Just about every job requires a high school diploma, while […]

Can you be transparent with regards to fracking chemicals?

Transparency is a key tenant of our organizations mission, as outlined in our Guiding Principles.  When it comes to the additives used in the hydraulic fracturing fluid, it’s important to keep in mind that approximately 99.5 percent of the fluid is water and sand. The other 5 percent of the fracturing fluid is composed of […]

How do I invest in this?

There is a host of public and private companies along the natural gas supply chain that are actively developing the Marcellus Shale. While we’re quick to offer our insight on the policies, process and regulations that govern natural gas development here in Pennsylvania, we suggest you seek advice from a certified financial planner or investment […]


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Proposed #Maryland #natgas plant will power 390k homes, create 600 construction #jobs via @AP #Marcellus