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What’s it doing to the earth?

The U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Fossil Energy released a study identifying the environmental benefits of advanced gas exploration and production.  The 2012 study examined the development lifecycle – from site development through site reclamation.  This is what they had to say: “The US oil and gas industry has integrated an environmental ethic into […]

What does it do for oil?

Like oil, natural gas is a hydrocarbon that is developed over millions of years and under immense pressure. Many (but not all) of the companies actively developing the Marcellus Shale also have operations in other regions where they produce oil. So there is a good bit of synergy between the two industries. Where they differ […]

Why do you hate America?

We love America. We love the people, communities where we operate, industries we support, the and the environment.  Natural gas development from shale formations like the Marcellus are enabling America to become more energy secure, while lowering utility bills and providing hope and economic opportunity to regions of the country that have long suffered economically. […]

How many jobs are being created in the state and in this area?

Great question. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry (L&I), Marcellus related industries support just over 250,000 jobs in the commonwealth. If you’re interested in exploring career opportunities in the natural gas industry, be sure to visit the MSC’s online Job Portal to search for exciting and challenging opportunities.  

Will we be contacted to use our land for fracking?

That’s a good question – although it heavily depends on a number of factors. Variables include but are not limited to: the area in which you live, the amount of land you own and the feasibility of production in your area. To keep it simple, if you are in a viable area for development and […]