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What types of businesses are attracted?

According to the Pennsylvania College of Technology, 150 occupations and 420 individuals are required to drill and complete a single Marcellus Shale natural gas well. These businesses range from local hardware stores and environmental consulting firms, to water treatment facilities, and manufacturers of all sizes, including well-known companies like U.S. Steel. The Pennsylvania Department of […]

Is the industry documenting the reduction in the number of surface acres disturbed as a result of using directional versus conventional vertical wells?

While the Marcellus Shale Coalition does not track those specific figures – primarily because our organization represents operators drilling horizontal, not vertical, wells – the fact is that horizontal drilling, which is almost universally used to produce natural gas from the Marcellus Shale, dramatically reduces surface disturbance while increasing the volume of natural gas extracted. […]

Is the industry willing to listen to landowner requests when locating a pad or ROW?

Absolutely. Lease agreements, or contracts, between natural gas operators and/or pipeline companies and individual land- or mineral-owners can be uniquely tailored to address a broad range of requests. For example, a landowner can choose not to have related infrastructure on their property, which can be written into a lease. Similar to leasing one’s land or […]


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