IEA: Shale Providing a Huge “Economic Advantage, Competitiveness” for America

The Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA) released its annual World Energy Outlook report this week, projecting an “all but self-sufficient” North America that will surpass Saudi Arabia as reigning energy producer within the next two years. In its press release, IEA notes that “Natural gas in the United States currently trades at one-third of import prices […]

Five Quotes About Safe American Shale Development

As we know, and as the MSC’s Steve Forde wrote recently in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Protecting and enhancing our environment or growing our economy is a false choice. We can, and must, achieve both.” Here’s what others are saying about safe, tightly-regulated shale development, which is enhancing air quality and growing our economy: MIT professor […]

“America’s Heartland” Supports Safe, Job-Creating Shale Development

A new survey released this week by PittsburghTODAY – an independent analysis organization hosted by the University of Pittsburgh – found that an overwhelming majority of western Pennsylvanians support safe shale development. The nearly 2-to-1 margin of support indicates further that “the future is bright” for clean domestic natural gas – which is “helping the […]

By The Numbers: “North America Leads the World in Production of Shale Gas”

Safely produced American shale outperformed projections yet again this week. The clean-burning, domestic natural resource is not only lowering consumers’ bills and creating new long-term jobs and manufacturing opportunities here at home – it is also repositioning global order and strengthening our nation’s energy security. And while the U.S. increases the tightly regulated production of […]

Natural Gas Production Up, CO2 Emissions Down

Safe, well-regulated shale production continues to soar across our region, and importantly, the rig count is on an upward trend. This responsible development is resulting in enormous job growth and cleaner air, with CO2 emissions now at their “lowest level since 1994”, according to the federal government. What’s more, the United States is poised to […]

Safe Shale Development is a “Total Game Changer” For Our Region

“As the U.S. economy continues its sluggish recovery from the recession,” according to a new Gallup survey, and job creation and economic growth remains in flux, several bright spots nonetheless certainly exist, especially across Pennsylvania. In fact, Bruce Katz, a Brookings Institution economic expert, spoke in Pittsburgh this week, underscoring the fact that safe shale […]

Safe Shale Development “Responsible for the U.S. Economy’s Climb out of the Recession”

More and more straightforward, fact-based information continues to mount in support of safe, clean-burning American shale development. In fact, the “safe, recognized process” of shale development is creating “uplifting news” across the Commonwealth and the nation — job creation, consumer savings, energy security — and has been lauded as “one of the strongest engines for the […]

MSC Members Focused on Getting “This Historic Opportunity Right”

Earlier this week, the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) published its eighth Recommended Practice. The newest guidance document, focused on Drilling and Completions, aims to ensure that shale development operations continue to be carried out “safely, responsibly and efficiently.” Here’s what they’re saying about the latest Recommended Practice which will help “get this historic opportunity right, […]

U.S. to be World’s Largest Oil & Natural Gas Producer by Year’s End

This week, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) delivered an uplifting piece of news for our nation’s economy, our environment and for our America’s energy security. In a newly issued report, EIA estimates that the U.S. will surpass both Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the “world’s top producer of petroleum and natural gas hydrocarbons […]

TIMEs Are a Changing for American Energy

  “Why U.S. Is Running Out of Gas”     “The U.S. Is an Energy Superpower”   This comes at a time when Americans are heading into their first big energy squeeze since the 1970s: a shortage of natural gas, the invisible resource used to heat homes, fuel kitchen appliances, generate electricity and manufacture many […]

#1: U.S. Positioned to be World’s Top Oil, Natural Gas Producer

In what is being described by experts as a “remarkable turn of events,” the Wall Street Journal reports today that “the U.S. is overtaking Russia as the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas.” This is great news for American consumers, our economy, environment and our nation’s security. What’s more, America’s safe and surging […]

Pa. Oil and Gas Regulations Again Lauded by National Independent Board

A recently released report brings “more of the same” good news to Pennsylvanians that safe shale development in the commonwealth is, indeed, overseen by some of the nation’s toughest regulations. The State Review of Oil & Natural Gas Environmental Regulations (STRONGER) – a national non-profit organization dedicated to assessing states’ regulations and assisting in strengthening […]

ICYMI: SHALE INSIGHT™ 2013 Highlights

A crowd of experts from the private and public sectors were on-hand this week at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia this week for SHALE INSIGHT™ 2013. The industry-leading conference brought a diverse set of public officials, regulators and industry experts together to discuss the past, present and future of shale development in the United States […]

Newspaper Editorials: American Natural Gas a “Good Thing for the Planet as well as the Economy”

Earlier this week, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) in partnership with the University of Texas at Austin released a “groundbreaking” study (available here), further determining that tightly-regulated shale gas production is a “good thing for the planet as well as the economy.” This comprehensive, peer-reviewed and scientifically-based analysis is just the latest example clearly proving […]

“Groundbreaking Methane Emissions” Study Reconfirms Environmental Benefits, Safety of Shale Gas

Yesterday a study jointly conducted by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and University of Texas at Austin was released focused on methane emissions associated with the safe, tightly-regulated development of shale gas. The comprehensive analysis – which relies on actual data rather than pure speculation – provided “good news”, as the study’s results are markedly […]

Editorial Boards Tout Safe, Job-Creating Shale Development

Editorial boards here in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation continue to tout the benefits of “safe, job-creating shale development” which is having “a positive economic, environmental and national-security impact and will continue to for generations to come,” as the MSC’s Shari Williams laid out in today’s Philadelphia Daily News. Here’s what newspaper editorials are saying: […]

WSJ: Natural Gas “May be America’s Best Antipoverty Program”

In a must-read weekend editorial, the Wall Street Journal clearly and effectively articulates the facts about American shale development, its safety and the undeniable benefits associated with this historic opportunity. “One of the biggest benefits from fracking and other new drilling technologies,” the WSJ writes, “is often overlooked: the windfall to American consumers, especially the […]

New Report: U.S. Natural Gas Production Offering “Bountiful Returns”

Earlier today, IHS Global Insight – a leading economic consulting firm – released a new report: America’s New Energy Future: The Unconventional Oil and Gas Revolution and the Economy. The findings exceeded previous forecasts, anticipating both natural gas and oil production to secure “3.3 million jobs by 2020” while simultaneously adding “$468 billion to the […]

“Marvelous Marcellus”: Positively Reshaping our Region

Responsible shale development is positively impacting small towns and big cities across Pennsylvania. These benefits – energy security, air quality, and economic development – are touted in two recent regional newspaper editorials. Here’s what they’re saying about tightly-regulated shale development, which is a blessing for Pennsylvania: Marcellus Shale “Living up to its Promise of a […]

What President Obama & His Administration Are Saying About American Natural Gas

This week, President Obama will travel to northeastern Pennsylvania and the Southern Tier of New York State. The President, and his administration, recognize the clear benefits tied to the safe development of clean-burning American natural gas. We welcome the President, and Vice President Biden, to our region this week to see firsthand how Pennsylvania’s natural […]

What They’re Saying About Clean-Burning American Natural Gas

Pittsburgh, Pa. – The Marcellus Shale has “grown to be the nation’s most productive gas field,” as the Associated Press reports this week, with production “rising even faster this year than energy experts had predicted.” The economic, environmental and national security benefits tied to safe, well-regulated shale development are rippling across the region and beyond […]

MSC Members Leverage Clean, Local Natural Gas

This week marked another exciting milestone in the many uses of clean-burning natural gas, with separate announcements and events from two Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) member companies, Green Filed Energy Services and Range Resources Corp. On Wednesday Green Field Energy Services – an oilfield services company that uses natural gas to power hydraulic fracturing operations – […]

Clean-Burning American Natural Gas “A Blessing for Pennsylvania”

This week, newspapers across the region – as well as the nation – continued to tout the economic and environmental benefits tied to the safe production of clean-burning, American natural gas. Without question, the clear and positive impacts of shale responsible shale development are Powering an American Renaissance for consumers, businesses and our environment. Here’s […]

Built Ford Tough-And Powered By Clean Natural Gas

With sales rising nationwide for natural gas-powered vehicles, “Ford is expanding its lineup of vehicles for buyers who want to run on clean natural gas to include its bestseller, the F-150 pickup,” as the USA Today reports today. The savings and air quality-enhancing benefits associated with compressed natural gas (CNG) fueled vehicles are undeniable. In […]

What They’re Saying About Safe, Job-Creating Natural Gas

At a speech yesterday in Jacksonville, Florida, President Obama highlighted the fact that “We produce more natural gas than any country on Earth,” adding: “We’ve got to tap into this natural gas revolution that’s bringing energy costs down in this country, which means manufacturers now want to locate here.” Here’s what others are saying about […]

Clean, American Natural Gas: Providing Local, National Benefits

The many uses of natural gas continue to benefit local Pennsylvanians as well as our economy – and environment – on a national scale. Job growth, environmental stewardship and community engagement are at the core of our industry’s Guiding Principles. And by nearly all accounts, these are commitments made and kept. Last week, in fact, […]

Planes & Automobiles: Consumers Continue to Benefit from Natural Gas

Pittsburgh, Pa. – Our region’s robust supply of clean-burning natural gas continues to play a key and growing role in Powering Pennsylvania’s Transportation Sector. This week, in fact, a new compressed natural gas (CNG) station and Marcellus Shale-related benefits for Pittsburgh International Airport made big headlines. CONSOL Energy’s partnership with Allegheny County to safely produce […]

Clean-Burning Natural Gas Powers America

Pittsburgh, Pa. – From more jobs and more affordable energy, to cleaner air, and strengthened national security, natural gas is positively impacting our daily lives and bolstering America’s economic and energy security outlook. And while huge amounts of natural gas continue to be safely produced, more investments are being made across the nation to leverage […]

What They’re Saying: America’s “Comeback” Powered by Natural Gas

Pittsburgh, Pa. – The broad-based benefits of clean-burning natural gas are being realized every day by more families and businesses and in more ways. And with the nation’s employment outlook still facing significant challenges, the safe development of American natural gas supports nearly 240,000 jobs in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania while also delivering huge savings […]

Just The Facts: A Closer Look at Duke’s Methane Study

A clear, easily-anticipated pattern has emerged with regard to academic research surrounding Marcellus Shale natural gas development, specifically how the media – perhaps purposefully – neglects details of methodology and other important and proper context, resulting in highly provocative headlines that do not always reflect the actual facts. Such was the case this week, as […]

Marcellus Shale Impact Revenues Provide Much-Needed Boost Across Pa.

Earlier this month, the Pa. Public Utility Commission (PUC) released “the disbursements to county and municipal governments under Act 13/Impact Fee,” a sum of $202.4 million, which is in addition to $1.8 billion paid in natural gas-related taxes and last year’s impact fees of more than $200 million. Here’s what they’re saying about how these […]

What They’re Saying About Natural Gas: “Local Resource, Providing Local Jobs, Contributing to the Local Economy”

Pittsburgh, Pa. – Every day and all over the world, new voices are joining the conversation about the economic and environmental benefits of natural gas. From job creation to growth in the transportation sector and improved national security, this historic energy renaissance continues to evolve. Here’s what they’re saying: CREATING GOOD JOBS, BOOSTING COMMUNITIES Nearly […]

Safe Natural Gas Development Benefits Cascade Across Pa.

Yesterday, the Pa. Public Utility Commission (PUC) released “the disbursements to county and municipal governments under Act 13/Impact Fee,” a sum of $202.4 million, which is in addition to $1.8 billion paid in natural gas-related taxes and last year’s impact fees of more than $200 million. The impact fees – generated by the safe, job-creating […]

What They’re Saying: “Shale Gas Turned the World of Energy on Its Head”

Pittsburgh, Pa. – Increased competitiveness, a more secure energy future, more jobs and a cleaner environment. These are among the benefits being realized through the responsible development of clean-burning American natural gas. This safe, tightly-regulated energy production is helping to “change the course of history” – and for the better. Here’s what they’re saying. SAFE NATURAL […]

New Report: Responsible Natural Gas Development an “Economic Boon for Pennsylvania”

A new report – available here – from the Allegheny Institute for Public Policy underscores the clear fact that safe, tightly-regulated Marcellus Shale development has “produced major economic benefits to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.” According the report, estimated royalties paid to Marcellus Shale natural gas land- and mineral-owners in Pennsylvania reached a staggering $731 million […]

“Move Over, OPEC”; Shale Gas 21st Century’s “Biggest Innovation”

In a CNBC column this week, world-renowned energy expert Daniel Yergin laid out the clear facts about safe, job-creating American shale gas. Put simply, according to Dr. Yergin, shale gas is “the biggest innovation so far in the 21st century.” Here’s what they’re saying about the responsible development of tightly-regulated domestic natural gas and its […]

Pittsburgh: The City of Champions – and Job-Creating Natural Gas

For southwestern Pennsylvania sports fans, times are good. The Pittsburgh Pirates — coined “the Comeback Kids of Baseball” — have the second-best winning percentage in all of major league baseball. And tomorrow night, the puck drops at the CONSOL Energy Center, with eight wins separating the hometown Penguins and their fourth Stanley Cup. While Pittsburgh’s […]

What They’re Saying: “Marcellus Shale Has Really Helped the Whole Community”

Pittsburgh, Pa. – As more clean-burning American natural gas is safely produced here at home, tens of thousands of jobs are being created, especially in the manufacturing sector. Likewise, responsible and tightly-regulated shale development is bringing about clear environmental benefits. At the same time, this ongoing and historic American energy renaissance is bolstering our nation’s […]

MSC Members Tout Best Practices Before U.S. Senate Panel

Last week, several Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) member company executives testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy Natural Resources. At the hearing — titled “Shale Development: Best Practices and Environmental Concerns” — officials from Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Baker Hughes, EQT Corporation, Halliburton, Noble Energy, Inc., and XTO Energy, Inc. highlighted a broad range of […]

New ACC Study: Natural Gas Advances Chemical Industry’s Competitiveness, Investments

This week, yet another study was released underscoring the far-reaching benefits of clean, abundant American natural gas. Authored by the American Chemistry Council (ACC), the report examines how “Abundant supplies of shale gas have transformed America’s chemical industry from the world’s high-cost producer five years ago to among the world’s lowest-cost producers today.” The report, […]

Act 13 Powers Pennsylvania Natural Gas Vehicle Grant Program

Updated: May 21, 2013 As safe, tightly regulated natural gas development continues to benefit every corner of Pennsylvania with low-cost energy and new opportunity, we were reminded this week of the far-reaching impacts of Act 13, the revenue generated by this bipartisan piece of legislation and how it is advancing clean transportation alternatives. Funded through […]

Shale Gas Goes Global, While Benefitting Local Economies

The safe development of clean-burning American natural gas, especially in Pennsylvania, is having a substantial and positive impact on our region’s economy, helping to create tens of thousands of good jobs at a time when they’re needed most. As the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports this week, “The growth of the energy sector throughout the [western Pa.] […]

New Studies Reinforce Positive Impact of Safe Natural Gas Development

Straightforward, fact-based evidence continues to mount in support of clean-burning American natural gas, which is Powering an American Renaissance. As the Associated Press reports today, the “recent dramatic discoveries of vast U.S. oil and gas reserves are helping to lift the American economy out its long funk.” The article concludes – among other things – […]

Natural Gas Facts, Science Continue to Prevail

As more science-based natural gas research is brought forth – ranging from air and water quality to public health – it’s becoming increasingly clear that safe, tightly-regulated shale development is enhancing our environment as well as our economy. This week, in fact, new Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) research once again determines that natural […]

Top White House Nat’l Security Advisor Touts Clear Benefits of American Natural Gas

At the launch today of Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy, a diverse group of thought-leaders and policy experts discussed the key and growing role that clean-burning natural gas will continue to play here at home and globally. The speakers included Pulitzer-Prize winning author Daniel Yergin, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, White House […]

What They’re Saying About Clean, American Natural Gas

Pittsburgh, Pa. – The safe development of clean-burning American natural gas – a process tightly overseen by state regulators – is creating an enormous scale of both economic and environmental benefits that few could have projected several years ago. From consumer savings and job creation to cleaner air, these important and shared benefits are without […]

Natural Gas: Powering Pennsylvania’s Transportation Sector

Pittsburgh, Pa. – Pennsylvania’s abundant, clean-burning Marcellus Shale natural gas resources are laying the foundation for a manufacturing rebirth in the Commonwealth, creating tens of thousands of well-paying local jobs, enhancing air quality and lowering energy costs for consumers, all while generating much-needed tax and fee revenue for important investments, especially for our environment. At […]

By The Numbers: Natural Gas Powering America’s Economic Engine

Pittsburgh, Pa. – Earlier this week, President Obama’s nominee to be the next U.S. secretary of energy, Ernest Moniz, told Congress that “‘a stunning increase’ in production of domestic natural gas in recent years was nothing less than a ‘revolution’ that has led to reduced emissions of carbon dioxide,” as the Associated Press reports under […]

Impact Fee Revenues Reaching Every Square Inch of Pa.

Pittsburgh, Pa. – On the heels of last week’s announcement by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) that a historic influx of revenue is flowing to counties and municipalities across the Commonwealth thanks to a new impact fee paid by natural gas producers, the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) and its member companies are continuing a […]

What They’re Saying About Clean-Burning American Natural Gas

Pittsburgh, Pa. – America’s abundant, clean-burning shale gas resources are rebalancing longstanding global energy trends, shifting more economic and geopolitical power to the United States. And while affordable supplies of homegrown natural gas are helping to create local jobs, many European manufacturing jobs are relocating to the United States. Here’s what they’re saying: FAR-REACHING GLOBAL IMPACT […]