“Truly Revolutionary” Shale Development “Playing Key Role in U.S. Recovery”

The safe development of abundant and clean-burning natural gas supplies here in America “really is revolutionary.” Not only is this tightly-regulated development allowing the United States to become a global energy leader, but it’s also “playing a key role in the U.S. recovery.” Here is what they’re saying about job-creating American shale development: “Shale Is […]

Small Businesses to Harrisburg on New Energy Tax: “Don’t Do It!”

According to a new poll, when Pennsylvania voters are given a choice between a new energy tax and jobs, they choose jobs. Thanks to shale development – and the tens of thousands of good-paying, local jobs that this growing industry supports, especially for small businesses and labor organizations – Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate is well below […]

New Energy Taxes Threaten Pa.’s Economic Recovery

Pennsylvania’s economy – thanks in large part to job-creating shale development – is on a path toward recovery, with more private sector jobs being created each day: “Pa. unemployment rate drops to lowest point since September 2008” (Associated Press, 6/20/14) “Pa. unemployment dips to lowest level since September 2008” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/20/14) “Pa. May unemployment […]

New Poll: Pa. Voters Overwhelming Support Jobs Over New Energy Taxes

“When [Pennsylvania] voters are given a choice between a [new energy] tax and jobs, they choose jobs.” This was a key finding – among others – of a newly released public opinion survey, as reported by the Harrisburg Patriot-News. These findings – which demonstrate broad bipartisan support for job-creating natural gas development in Pennsylvania – […]

Shale Impact Fee Tax Revenues “A Tremendous Help” for Pa. Communities

“A tremendous help”; “A boost to the community;” “An economic lifeline” – this is how the hundreds of millions in dollars in shale impact fee tax revenues are being described following local government disbursements announced by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission this week. The benefits – especially for county and local governments – are real and […]

Five Facts About Pennsylvania’s Setback Requirements

When it comes to the safe development of job-creating shale gas, Pennsylvania continues to lead by example, including regulations related to setbacks [“setbacks” are the distance from a wellhead to a certain structure or body of water]. To be sure, Pennsylvania’s setback requirements are among the nation’s most stringent. According to Resources for the Future […]

What They’re Saying About Job-Creating American Shale

The safe development of clean-burning American shale is generating “exponential growth in business” as well as thousands of family-sustaining jobs, local investments and revenues. These shared, broad-based economic and environmental benefits are widely supported by Pennsylvanians – according to a new Robert Morris University poll, nearly 60 percent of voters in the Commonwealth support shale […]

New Duke Study Highlights Positive, Local Marcellus Benefits

This week, researchers at Duke University’s Energy Initiative released a new study focused on the local benefits of tightly-regulated shale development. According to the report, shale development in the Commonwealth has had a “substantial” positive effect through boosting “the public finances of local communities and providing new revenues and resources.” In Pennsylvania, the researchers determined […]

New Pa. Natural Gas Power Plant Boosting Job Growth

The safe development of clean-burning American natural gas – driven by the Marcellus Shale – continues to shatter records. Our nation’s energy outlook has shifted from a position of scarcity and weakness to one of abundance and strength, providing “an economic boost for local families and communities.” As former U.S. energy secretaries Spencer Abraham and […]

By The Numbers: Safe Shale Production Continues to Shatter Records

The safe development of American shale gas continues to shatter records. And thanks to tightly-regulated shale production, “U.S. manufacturers have been moving their work back home from overseas,” boosting job creation across the country, especially for steel manufacturers. Shale is also “helping the U.S. economy to pull out of the doldrums,” and is likewise providing […]