MSC in Scranton Times-Tribune: Recent editorial falls woefully short of full truth

Relying on a deeply biased so-called “report,” a recent Times-Tribune editorial (“Disclose all fracking chemicals,” Sept. 13) falls woefully short of providing your readers with legitimate facts.

For starters, hydraulic fracturing fluids are typically made up of more than 99 percent water and sand, and less than 1 percent of highly diluted additives that we all commonly use in our everyday lives.

These fluid compositions are transparently disclosed, as required by state and federal law, and are also posted online through Frac Focus, a searchable online database. Our organization – which represents the energy companies responsible for safely producing more than 95 percent of Pennsylvania’s natural gas – was an early and vocal supporter of greater transparency and disclosure.

But don’t take the industry’s word for this strong commitment to operational transparency, safety and environmental stewardship.

The Pa. Dept. of Environmental Protection has once again reaffirmed this year the well-understood and scientifically proven fact that “there is no evidence that hydraulic fracturing has resulted in a direct impact to water supply in Pennsylvania.” Leading experts from Penn State and Yale have also recently published independent research confirming that that fracking poses no threat to Pennsylvania’s water supplies.

And that’s because of the industry’s best practices and deep commitment to protecting and improving our environment along with the strong regulations in place, which we overwhelmingly support.

Pennsylvania voters across the political spectrum broadly support the responsible, strongly-regulated development of job-creating American natural gas. The Times-Tribune does a disservice to its readers by parroting unsubstantiated claims about safe energy development, and its benefits, from out-of-state fringe groups who want to stop this positive economic and environmental progress.

David Spigelmyer

Marcellus Shale Coalition


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