MSC in the Tribune-Review: Higher Energy Taxes Stunt Pa.’s Economic Momentum

Natural gas development in the commonwealth continues to be an absolute game changer for every one of our 67 counties, bringing positive progress and broad-based benefits to all Pennsylvanians. This is especially true on the job-creation and tax-revenue front as well as the opportunity for a regional manufacturing rebirth.

Yet Gov. Tom Wolf is offering higher energy taxes on an industry that already generates substantial tax revenue for state and local governments. This would undercut Pennsylvania’s position in the global fight to attract capital investments and stunt this economic momentum.

Small businesses, labor unions and local governments across the state share our deep concerns about the economically damaging consequences associated with higher energy taxes and potential job losses. It’s also clear that voters across the political spectrum overwhelmingly favor good-paying local jobs and expanding the natural gas industry’s growth over higher energy taxes.

Now is the absolute wrong time for onerously higher energy taxes, which threaten jobs and Pennsylvania’s long-term competitiveness.

Dave Spigelmyer
President, Marcellus Shale Coalition
Pittsburgh Pa. 

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