What They’re Saying: Supply Chain Recommended Practice Focused on “Helping Local Businesses Expand, Hire”

Last week, the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) released a supply chain Recommended Practice focused on further bolstering small- and medium-sized businesses across the region, which play an increasingly critical role in the safe development of clean-burning, job-creating American natural gas. With the national jobless claims once again on the rise, as CNBC reports today, these efforts could not be more timely for small businesses looking to grow and hire more local workers.

As the USA Today reports, responsible American oil and natural gas development “may be keeping the U.S. out of another recession.” And a recent Wall Street Journal editorial effectively outlines the key role that American natural gas production continues to play for our economy:

The U.S. ranked 159th in GDP growth last year. But in natural gas production, it’s now No. 1. … What has given the U.S. its edge is that the early development risks were largely borne by small-time entrepreneurs.

A core commitment of our industry is “to attract and retain a talented and engaged local workforce,” which is highlighted in our Guiding Principles. And to date, the MSC has hosted 15 supply chain forums in partnership with 18 separate local and regional economic development agencies and chambers of commerce across the region, connecting with more than 1,800 participants. And in March, the MSC launched an online business directory – www.MarcellusOnMainStreet.org – designed exclusively to connect the natural gas industry with the region’s small- and medium-sized businesses.

Here’s what they’re saying about the MSC’s reinforced efforts to create good-paying, local jobs (click here to view a host of success stories), as the Youngstown Business Journal, and others report:

  • “Marcellus Shale Coalition releases local-sourcing guidelines”: The Marcellus Shale Coalition has released guidelines designed to expand procurement opportunities in the shale-gas drilling industry for Pennsylvania’s small businesses — along with testimonials from mid-state companies about the success that can be achieved. … “As an industry, we are fully committed to helping local businesses expand and hire,” coalition President Kathryn Klaber said in a statement. The coalition says it has hosted 15 supply-chain forums attended by more than 1,800 participants. Supplementing the guidelines was a document titled “A Cascading and Positive Impact: Marcellus Shale Supply Chain Success Stories,” containing testimonials from companies across Pennsylvania. It quotes Derry Township-based engineering firm ARM Group Inc., which said it increased revenue 25 percent and added 50 employees thanks to Marcellus Shale work. It presents similar statements from Lancaster County engineering firm Rettew Associates Inc. and the Pepper Hamilton law firm, which has an office in Harrisburg. (Central Penn. Business Journal, 7/16/12)
  • “MSC releases new Recommended Practices”: The Marcellus Shale Coalition released a report targeted at would-be Marcellus supply chain contractors. The report, “Recommended Practices,” is available on the coalition’s website. The three-page report provides a guide for small to mid-size companies looking to contract with energy companies working in the Marcellus and Utica shale. In March of this year, the Marcellus Shale Coalition launched a website, similarly purposed to serve small to medium sized businesses. “Sourcing and hiring locally, identifying regional employees, contractors, and vendors, and working to keep our economy growing makes good business sense and is part of industry’s commitment to getting this historic opportunity right for this generation and beyond,” said the Marcellus Shale Coalition’s Kathryn Klaber. (Pittsburgh Business Times, 7/18/12)
  • “Marcellus Shale Coalition Unveils Supply Chain Recommended Practices”: Laying out a blueprint for how small- and medium-sized businesses can take advantage of the opportunities provided within the current U.S. natural gas development boom, the MSC has released the second in a series of recommended practices aimed at bolstering the Marcellus Shale region’s supply chain. … The recommended practices came after the MSC in March launched an online business directory, www.MarcellusOnMainStreet.org, to connect the industry with the region’s small- and medium-sized businesses. “The safe, tightly regulated development of clean-burning American natural gas has been, and continues to be, a driving source of job creation and economic growth across our region,” said MSC President Kathryn Klaber. “This cascading effect, positively impacting businesses of all sizes through a growing and robust supply chain, is as undeniable as the economic, environmental and national security benefits of our abundant natural gas resources. And as an industry, we are fully committed to helping local business expand and hire.” … In conjunction with the recommended practices, the MSC also issued testimonials from member companies, including ARM Group Inc., Borton-Lawson, Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc. and Schramm, which combined have added hundreds of employees and opened several offices across the region dedicated to Marcellus operations. (Shale Daily, 7/19/12)