Marcellus Shale Players Make Promise To Pennsylvanians

Marcellus Shale Coalition

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The economic, energy security and environmental benefits associated with the responsible development of the Marcellus Shale’s clean-burning, abundant natural gas reserves represents a historic opportunity for the region and for the nation. And it’s an opportunity that must be done right.

To further reinforce the industry’s promise the region, the communities where we operate and to our local workforce, Gov. Tom Ridge – a Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) strategic advisor – joined the MSC’s leadership last week in formally unveiling the organization’s “Guiding Principles.”

“As a coalition it’s our responsibility to develop this resource the right way. Our core values include the safety of our employees, our landowners and the communities where we work, environmental stewardship, transparency, and a commitment to best practices. Most importantly, while this is complex technology, we need to keep things simple – we must, and are committed to doing things right,” said MSC chairman and Range Resources senior vice-president, Ray N. Walker, Jr.

MSC president and executive director Kathryn Klaber adds, “The MSC’s ‘Commitment to the Community’ underscores the industry’s steadfastness to ensuring that this generational opportunity ‘is done right,’ so that the nearly 12 million Pennsylvanians, and beyond, realize its overwhelmingly benefits.”

NOTE: Click HERE to view the MSC’s “Commitment to the Community.”