Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Soto Bill to Ban Hydraulic Fracturing to Devastate Working Families, Jeopardize Pa. Union Jobs

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – Following the introduction of legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate to ban the safe, responsible use of hydraulic fracturing, Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) president Dave Spigelmyer issued the following statement:

“Banning the safe and strongly regulated use of hydraulic fracturing would bring our economy to a standstill. It would result in the loss of hundreds-of-thousands of good-paying jobs and wipeout billions of dollars of capital investment in Pennsylvania while reversing the environmental progress we have gained thanks to natural gas,” Spigelmyer said.

“As a result of this disastrous policy, hard-working Pennsylvanians who have enjoyed a decade of affordable, reliable energy would be burdened with skyrocketing costs and our county would again be reliant on foreign nations to supply the energy we need.

“Supporting and growing domestic shale production should be a core focus of any serious policy discussion aimed at continuing environmental progress, economic growth and American security.”


  • Devastate State, National Economy: Pennsylvania would shed 609,000 jobs, lose $261 billion in state GDP, and $23.4 billion in state and local tax revenues if Sen. Sanders and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’ plan is signed into law, according to a recent U.S. Chamber analysis. Nationally, this policy would eliminate 19 million jobs and reduce U.S. GDP by $7.1 trillion.

Building Trades Union Support for Energy:

  • Jeff Nobers, Executive Director, Builders Guild of Western Pa.: “[Pennsylvania] is of the most robust economies in the country. And it’s mostly fueled by, yeah, the gas industry, the burgeoning petrochemical industry, manufacturing.” (1/27/20)
  • Terry O’Sullivan, General President, LiUNA: “Opposing natural gas and projects like this will lead to fewer middle-class jobs, higher energy process for those who can least afford them, more environmental degradation, and a further schism between Congressional Democrats and the workers who are trying to provide for their families and their futures.” (5/29/19)
  • Darrin Kelly, President, Allegheny-Fayette Labor Council: “Calling to banish an entire industry is an insult to a lot of hard-working men and women in organized laborand their entire way of life. I urge these companies to work hand-in-hand with organized labor and our local elected officials so together we can create good middle-class jobs, do this work safely and responsibility, and protect our environment and the communities we all call home.”(10/30/19)
  • Ken Broadbent, Business Manager, UA Local 449 Steamfitters: “Why should we send these petrochemical plants, for instance, over to China where they won’t worry about the pollution? At least here we’re going to do it with the most modern technology and with the least amount of pollution possible. And we’re still going to keep people that have jobs here.” (1/24/20)

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