MSC Thanks President Trump for Recognizing American Energy Strength During State of the Union Address

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) president Dave Spigelmyer issued this statement following President Trump’s State of the Union Address:

“Presidents since the Eisenhower administration have used the State of the Union to address the need for greater American energy security, a critical issue to virtually every voter across the political spectrum. Under President Trump’s leadership, as he outlined tonight, America’s energy outlook has never been stronger, as the United States has quickly become the world’s energy production leader.

“America’s energy position has rapidly transformed from a period of scarcity, high prices and weakness, to abundance, affordability and strength. Thanks to domestic natural gas, America is less reliant on foreign nations to meet our energy needs, which allows us to avoid sending men and women in uniform into harm’s way to protect the free flow of energy. At home, our hardworking and skilled building and union trades across Pennsylvania are near full employment, manufacturing is making a comeback, families and small businesses are paying less for the energy they need, and we continue to make considerable environmental and air quality progress.

“President Trump – along with other pragmatic and solutions-focused elected officials – understands how clean, domestic natural gas is empowering economic, environmental and community progress across the country.”

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