Ten Years of MSC: A Decade of Collaboration and Success

In just ten years, America’s energy outlook has positively transformed. Thanks to shale, the U.S. is the world’s top natural gas and oil producer and, for the first time since the Eisenhower administration, America is a net energy exporter.

During that time, America has transitioned to a global energy powerhouse, domestic manufacturing is on the rise, and the U.S. leads the world in clean air progress.

It’s against that backdrop of meaningful economic, environmental, and national security progress that MSC celebrates its 10-year anniversary. For the past decade, MSC has brought together key stakeholders – from exploration and production companies to midstream operators, regulators, elected officials, the building trades, and community leaders – to collaborate on efforts to realize shale’s broadly shared opportunity.  

Many of these achievements are covered in MSC’s latest annual video – Scarcity to Abundance: American Energy Strength – which highlights progress achieved thus far and the opportunities ahead.  

Reflecting on the organization’s first decade, MSC president David Spigelmyer touted the industry’s commitment to it’s core guiding principles:

“We produce more energy in the U.S. than anywhere in the world – and we do it safely with our workforce, communities and our environment front of mind.

“In just ten years, America’s energy outlook has positively transformed,” Spigelmyer continued. “As a result, families across Pennsylvania continue to realize significant home energy savings and new manufacturing jobs opportunities – especially for our region’s union and building trades – are on the rise. We are proud of this progress and the significant achievements ensuring Pennsylvania has strong regulations and a business climate that encourages investment and growth.

“Much has changed in the past decade, but our industry’s commitment to its guiding principles centered on safety, environmental protection, and economic growth is unwavering as we advance shale’s multi-generational opportunity together.”

Here’s a look at where we’ve come as an organization and industry over the past decade.