Natural Gas Strengthens America’s Energy Security, Delivers Consumer Benefits

As some in Harrisburg continue to pursue misguided plans for even higher energy taxes and unnecessary, additional regulations that will provide little-to-no environmental benefit, MSC’s David Spigelmyer joined WPGP’s Rose Tennent to discuss the benefits of affordable, clean-burning natural gas. Here are highlights from Spigelmyer’s interview yesterday:

On Strengthening National Security

  • “Shale development has lessened our dependence on foreign oil, from over 60% in 2008 to under 40% today. That’s a wonderful story for consumers because consumers across Pa. are saving upwards of 55% on their gas bill and power bills as compared to 2008.”
  • “With greater natural gas production and LNG exports, now we can play in the global marketplace by putting energy in the mix abroad. It strengthens our geopolitical makeup as a country and it strengthens our investments made here. Affordable and abundant natural gas is the linchpin to create new opportunities.

On Community, Consumer and Manufacturing Benefits

  • “It’s pretty scary to think that some would try to eliminate natural gas and oil from our everyday diet. Fossil fuels have actually changed the quality of life – the cleanest nations in the world are those that have energy. And America is one. We’ve reduced CO2 emissions to a 27-year low. Why? Because we’re using more natural gas.”
  • “Just through the impact fee alone, $856 million has been collected over the past four years and we’ll break $1 billion next month. And those funds have been spread broadly throughout the Commonwealth and every county and community has been a beneficiary. That’s been a real shot in the arm.”
  • Consumers are the direct beneficiaries of shale across Pa. We all have skin in the game to make sure this industry is successful.”

On Higher Taxes and Costly Regulations

  • There’s been this rush to add layers of new taxes and regulations at a time when this industry is trying to survive. My primary focus is to ensure Pa. is an attractive target for folks to invest capital so we can grow jobs, grow our economy, put our kids to work here at home, and change the geopolitical makeup for decades and decades to come. We can accomplish that but we’ve got to make sure Pa. can compete for attracting capital across the country and across the world.”
  • “Certainly a major regulatory revision – Chapter 78 – we believe will add close to $2 million per well and with 1,000 wells being drilled in Pa., that’s a $2 billion price tag. That’s a lot of money. We’re looking to try to invest here but we’re working to compete with other locations to attract capital.”

On Natural Gas Serving as a Key Renewable Energy Partner

  • “Without reliable power to back up renewables, they don’t work. We can’t deliver reliable supplies of wind and solar power because they’re intermittent. Without gas or coal, or nuclear power, you can’t have wind or solar. We’re a partner there – we’re not an opponent. Some will make the case that fossil fuels are shutting out renewables – and that’s not the case. Natural gas is the most important partner renewables have because Americans are used to having power 365 days-a-year and 24 hours-a-day.”

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