Shale Creating American Manufacturing Jobs, Bolstering U.S. Security

Safe, tightly-regulated shale development is creating broad-based benefits that are cascading across Pennsylvania and beyond. At the same time, American shale production is strengthening our environment and our nation’s standing the global marketplace. Driven by operational efficiencies, onshore U.S. shale production continues to soar – with the Marcellus at the head of the pack.

Here’s what they’re saying about these positive shale-related benefits.


  • Consumer Electronics Association CEO: Manufacturing Fueled by Affordable American Natural Gas: Manufacturing in the U.S. is on the brink of a true renaissance that could have major ramifications for our nation’s future. The manufacturing sector added 21,000 jobs in January alone, after losing 2.3 million jobs during the Great Recession. Over the last three years, some 500,000 U.S. manufacturing jobs have been added, far outpacing the rest of the developed world. … Manufacturing growth like that extends well beyond the physical walls of our factories. Along with the actual plant workers employed, manufacturers also need marketers, industrial designers, software developers, exporters and many other related positions. … The U.S. natural gas boom is fueling inexpensive electricity for domestic manufacturing. (Investor’s Business Daily op-ed, 3/14/14)
  • “Natural Gas is Bringing Manufacturing Back to the U.S.”: Today, U.S. businesses are moving manufacturing back to the United States, opening new factories or expanding their existing operations and hiring new workers thanks to the growing abundance of low-priced natural gas. EIA projects that the domestic supply of natural gas will surpass demand by 2016. … A thriving U.S. natural gas industry, one with access to all potential markets, domestic and overseas, will mean more demand for my products and for those from similar manufacturers around the country. That means more for jobs for American workers. And that’s a very good thing for all of us. (Baltimore Sun op-ed, 3/17/14)
  • Thanks to Shale, “U.S. Manufacturing on the Rebound”: The shale gas energy boom is accelerating the progress, benefiting nearly every manufacturing sector, as well as U.S. consumers and workers, who will reap the benefit of as many as 5 million new manufacturing and service jobs by the end of this decade. … What’s new is the added cost advantage the United States now enjoys as a result of our well-developed shale-gas and oil industry, which has given U.S.-based manufacturers unprecedented access to abundant, cheap natural gas. … Natural gas prices in other major economies are currently two-and-a-half to four times higher than U.S. natural gas prices. … Due to lower natural gas prices, lower electricity prices and competitive labor prices, it is cheaper to manufacture many products in the United States than in Western Europe, Japan and, when the added cost of a longer supply chain is included, even China. (Great Bend Tribune op-ed, 3/14/14)


  • “U.S. gas boom: A tool against Russian coercion”: The United States, with its abundant supplies of natural gas, would seem to have an easy answer to Europe’s fears that a strong response to Russia’s rapid takeover of Ukraine’s Crimea region could prompt Vladimir Putin to shut down gas lines that keep European homes warm, factories humming and electricity flowing. (Associated Press, 3/12/14)
  • “Export gas to Europe”: The U.S. can help Ukraine and others break away from dependence on Russian gas. … Can Texas push Vladimir V. Putin out of Crimea? Not the Texas Guard or the Texas Militia. Not the Texas Longhorns. What we have in mind is that the new boom in American natural gas supplies, much of it from the Lone Star State, might be used as a wedge that will convince the Russian president that his incursion was ill-conceived. (Houston Chronicle editorial, 3/15/14)
  • As World’s Largest Producer of Natural Gas, U.S. Could Assist Europe: Thanks to its shale-gas boom, the U.S. could play a central role in supplying Europe with LNG. The U.S. is now the world’s biggest producer of natural gas, but the approvals process for exports and their supporting facilities is slow and costly. The economic case for speeding and simplifying this system was already compelling. Putin’s master class in intimidation makes the geopolitical case equally strong. (Bloomberg editorial, 3/17/14)

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