MSC Releases Educational Video on Methane, Groundwater Protection

Pittsburgh, Pa. – A new informational video – Methane: An Element of Nature – released today by the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) underscores the science and geology associated with methane migration, and more importantly, demonstrates the host of regulations and operational practices that natural gas producers take to address this issue.

Shallow natural gas – or methane – has historically been, and continues to be, present underground across Pennsylvania. This methane, in many cases, has migrated for generations naturally into private water wells. In fact, a recent analysis by researchers at the Pennsylvania State University Extension determines that upwards of 25 percent of Pennsylvania’s water wells contain naturally-occurring levels of methane.

“Methane migration has been a longstanding public health issue in Pennsylvania, long before Marcellus Shale development began several years ago in the Commonwealth. This important issue is the source of frequent questions we’re asked at community and public events, as well as at meetings with various stakeholders. And that’s absolutely understandable, given that Pennsylvania is one of only several states that does not have private water well construction standards,” said MSC chief executive officer Kathryn Klaber.

“Our industry recognizes the importance of sound public education and the need to foster a fact-based dialogue about responsible shale gas development. This video, along with our ongoing Learn About Shale engagement initiative, reinforces our commitment to the region. Advancing science-based education is critical to ensuring that we get this transformational opportunity right for the Commonwealth,” added Klaber.

Methane An Element of Nature

Click HERE to view this video on the MSC’s YouTube page.

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