Report: Natural Gas, Renewables Working in “Tandem”; Key to Achieving “Substantial Climate Goals”

U.S. greenhouse gas emissions last year were at their lowest levels in three decades, propelled by pandemic-induced economic lockdowns and structural changes in power generation, data released today reveals.   According Rhodium Group analysis, overall 2020 U.S. emissions were down 21% below 2005 levels, with those tied to the power sector 10.3% below the 2019 […]

Natural Gas Boosts Outlook, Opportunity for Pa. Farmers

The strong partnership between two leading economic sectors – natural gas and farming – will be spotlighted this week as the 105th Pennsylvania Farm Show kicks off virtually. A key supporter of Pennsylvania agriculture, the growth of natural gas development supports the long-term sustainability, opportunity and outlook for family farmers across the region. Here are […]

Natural Gas Impact Tax Funds Pa.’s “Largest Single Investment” in Environmental Programs

Environmental programs have access to $34 million in new state grants largely funded through the state’s tax on natural gas development, the Pa. Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently announced. Considered the “largest single investment of state funds in Pennsylvania’s history to address Pennsylvania’s critical environmental concerns,” about 50% of revenue allocated to Pa.’s Growing […]

2020 in Review: Year of Essential Energy, Resilience

What has been one of the most challenging years is drawing to a close, and while 2020 brought unique, unforeseen challenges, MSC’s members never missed a beat in helping our communities; producing, delivering, and generating essential, affordable energy; and advocating for an industry that delivers broadly shared benefits.    There are many accomplishments to be […]

Natural Gas “Indispensable” to Renewable Power Generation, Progressive Policy Institute Advises

Natural gas power generation is “indispensable” to the growth of renewable electricity generation, the Progressive Policy Institute advises in a new report. Providing an “instantly dispatchable” source of electricity, natural gas accelerates renewable energy growth and, moving forward, can be the key to decarbonizing the grid without disrupting reliability or hiking electricity costs for consumers, […]

VIDEO 📽️: American Energy Strength, Resilience in 2020

America’s second decade of energy leadership came as the world faced an unprecedented economic and public health crisis. But through it all, the natural gas industry – which employs tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians and supports small businesses across our communities – kept the lights on, delivered the necessary resources to make vital PPE, including […]

Report: Natural Gas Infrastructure Constraints Threaten California, New England Electricity Reliability

A lack of natural gas infrastructure in certain regions of the country could lead to electric reliability issues in the coming winter months, a new report by the North American Electric Reliability Corp (NERC) concludes. Despite America becoming the world’s top producer of natural gas and oil – which has provided consumers with a steady […]

All Four Pa. Corners Share in Shale’s Benefits

As the 2nd largest producer of natural gas in the country, nearly a quarter of the United States’ total production is produced in Pennsylvania – an achievement that has positively changed the economic landscape of the region. While a majority of natural gas production occurs in the Southwestern and Northeastern parts of the state, the […]

Pennsylvanians @ the Polls: Natural Gas is Essential to Our Communities

While political pundits dissect this election, one theme is clear: Natural gas is an essential part of Pennsylvania’s communities and a motivating issue for voters. If this election tells us anything, it’s that Pennsylvanians broadly support commonsense, energy policies that move our economy and environment forward.   “If someone in your family makes their living […]

EIA: Natural Gas Propels Electric Power CO2 Emissions to 30-Year Low

U.S. energy-related carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions from large sources fell again in 2019, continuing a decade-long downward trend driven primarily by the shift to clean natural gas, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) and Environmental Protection Agency conclude in two recently released reports. Total energy-sector emissions, which include transportation, electric power, industrial and […]