#1: U.S. Positioned to be World’s Top Oil, Natural Gas Producer

In what is being described by experts as a “remarkable turn of events,” the Wall Street Journal reports today that “the U.S. is overtaking Russia as the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas.” This is great news for American consumers, our economy, environment and our nation’s security. What’s more, America’s safe and surging […]

CBS Philly: Marcellus Shale Coalition Comes Back To Philadelphia

By Cherri Gregg “It’s really meant to create additional dialogue and learning around issues around energy production here in Pennsylvania and throughout the Appalachian basin,” said Steve Forde. The Marcellus Shale Coalition will be in Philadelphia this week for its third annual conference. Shale Insight 2013 will bring together hundreds of industry leaders, CEO’s and elected […]

Newspaper Editorials: American Natural Gas a “Good Thing for the Planet as well as the Economy”

Earlier this week, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) in partnership with the University of Texas at Austin released a “groundbreaking” study (available here), further determining that tightly-regulated shale gas production is a “good thing for the planet as well as the economy.” This comprehensive, peer-reviewed and scientifically-based analysis is just the latest example clearly proving […]

“Groundbreaking Methane Emissions” Study Reconfirms Environmental Benefits, Safety of Shale Gas

Yesterday a study jointly conducted by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and University of Texas at Austin was released focused on methane emissions associated with the safe, tightly-regulated development of shale gas. The comprehensive analysis – which relies on actual data rather than pure speculation – provided “good news”, as the study’s results are markedly […]

Editorial Boards Tout Safe, Job-Creating Shale Development

Editorial boards here in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation continue to tout the benefits of “safe, job-creating shale development” which is having “a positive economic, environmental and national-security impact and will continue to for generations to come,” as the MSC’s Shari Williams laid out in today’s Philadelphia Daily News. Here’s what newspaper editorials are saying: […]

MSC Lays Out the Facts in the Philadelphia Daily News

Will Bunch’s story fundamentally fails to provide your readers with critical facts about safe shale development. Despite the unfounded claims advanced in the story, this week, in announcing approval for a liquefied natural-gas export project in southern Maryland, the U.S. Department of Energy underscored this fact: “The development of U.S. natural-gas resources is having a […]

New Report: U.S. Natural Gas Production Offering “Bountiful Returns”

Earlier today, IHS Global Insight – a leading economic consulting firm – released a new report: America’s New Energy Future: The Unconventional Oil and Gas Revolution and the Economy. The findings exceeded previous forecasts, anticipating both natural gas and oil production to secure “3.3 million jobs by 2020” while simultaneously adding “$468 billion to the […]

“Marvelous Marcellus”: Positively Reshaping our Region

Responsible shale development is positively impacting small towns and big cities across Pennsylvania. These benefits – energy security, air quality, and economic development – are touted in two recent regional newspaper editorials. Here’s what they’re saying about tightly-regulated shale development, which is a blessing for Pennsylvania: Marcellus Shale “Living up to its Promise of a […]

Philadelphia Inquirer: Natural Gas Industry to Gov. Markell: “Move Forward”

Last November, Delaware Gov. Jack A. Markell was putting on the brakes when it came to natural gas development in the Delaware River Basin. Last month, he was extolling the virtues of natural gas at an event to celebrate the conversion of a coal-fired power plant in Dover to natural gas. And didn’t the natural […]

Built Ford Tough-And Powered By Clean Natural Gas

With sales rising nationwide for natural gas-powered vehicles, “Ford is expanding its lineup of vehicles for buyers who want to run on clean natural gas to include its bestseller, the F-150 pickup,” as the USA Today reports today. The savings and air quality-enhancing benefits associated with compressed natural gas (CNG) fueled vehicles are undeniable. In […]