Time to Build: Infrastructure Connects Consumers to Affordable, Abundant Natural Gas

National Infrastructure Week’s key message – “The future won’t wait. Neither can we.” – is particularly true in Pennsylvania, where abundant and affordable natural gas is generating unprecedented opportunities for the job creation, consumer benefits and manufacturing resurgence new infrastructure enables.

As MSC’s Dave Spigelmyer wrote in a weekend column in The Morning Call, “It’s never been a more crucial time to heed the call to build, to ensure everyone in the Commonwealth benefits from those opportunities.”

Earlier in the week, Spigelmyer discussed how domestically produced natural gas has helped families realize energy savings of 40-80 percent, saving the average Pennsylvania household $1,500 annually.  Ensuring that all of those benefits reach every community in the Commonwealth – along with good-paying jobs and manufacturing investments – requires new and expanded infrastructure.

To fully realize the full potential of energy, we need a robust infrastructure (of pipelines),” Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association’s Carl Marrara said during an energy event in Washington County. “We have to connect consumers and customers to supply.”

That’s one of many reasons why a majority of Pennsylvanians support increased investment in energy infrastructure.

Here’s what they’re saying on social media about #InfrastructureWeek and why it’s #TimeToBuild.