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Shale Creating Local Benefits, Strengthening America

As the USA Today recently reported, “USA now produces more natural gas than any other country” in the world — and Pennsylvanians, in all 67 counties, are “capturing the benefits from responsible shale development,” especially as more clean-burning natural gas is used to power our economy. These benefits are boosting American security. As the New […]

MSC in Philadelphia Daily News: Pa. Capturing Benefits of Shale

Imagine if your neighbor owned a nice big backyard – hundreds of acres that he or she purchased with hard-earned income. Now imagine that oil and natural gas was discovered a mile below that privately owned land. Most would say, “Good for them.” In rural and western Pennsylvania, that’s exactly what happened with the Marcellus […]

MSC in Scranton Times-Tribune: “Shale Delivers”

A March 30 story (“Natural gas just the beginning”) lays out the clear facts regarding shale development and these abundant resources’ downstream uses for a host of manufacturing-related purposes, and for power generation, which are marking “the beginning of a more stable economy built on products made from natural gas” for the region. This story […]

Shale Impact Fees Hit Record Levels with $224.5 Million Generated

Pittsburgh, Pa. – As Pennsylvania shale production continues to soar, the state Public Utility Commission (PUC) announced today that impact fee revenue for 2013 hit record levels. With a total of 6,489 unconventional wells under development or in production as of December 31, 2013, shale producers contributed a total of $224.5 million in impact fees for […]

What They’re Saying About Job-Creating American Natural Gas

The safe development of job-creating American natural gas is helping “communities grow and the economy prosper.” At the same time, shale is providing community parks with critical financial resources, which are creating benefits for all, and driving an American manufacturing “renaissance for chemicals and plastics.” What’s increasingly clear – if not undeniable – is that […]