Opportunities for Employment

The high-paying jobs available today in the Marcellus Shale gas industry are expected to multiply in the future, meeting the needs of gas companies’ efforts to increase drilling and production across the region.

In addition to all of the jobs that go into directly operating gas drilling rigs, opportunities are also available in a number of professional and skilled areas, including:

  • Engineering and surveying
  • Construction and earthmoving
  • Equipment manufacturing, service and repair
  • Environmental permitting
  • Water transport/wastewater management
  • Well servicing
  • General labor
  • Legal, accounting and other professional services

The gas industry and its education and training partners are working to bring interested students into these fields, as the need is significant and will continue for many years, even decades, as the Marcellus Shale resources are fully developed.

For those interested in employment opportunities, we recommend that you contact MSC companies directly to inquire about jobs that may be available. You may also find it helpful to visit your local Pennsylvania Career Links Web site at www.cwds.state.pa.us and look for the natural gas industry links for potential industry job postings.