Marcellus Workshop in NY: Best Practices for Ensuring Safe, Efficient Deployment of HF (API)

Natural Gas from the Marcellus Shale
Its Role in the Energy Supply and Energy Policy

Potential Economic and Fiscal Impacts from Natural Gas Production in Broome County, New York

The Marcellus Shale in the Appalachian area of the eastern United States is fast becoming the hottest natural gas drilling play in the nation. Indeed, some industry experts believe production in the Marcellus Shale could eventually outstrip that of the Barnett Shale in north central Texas, currently the largest producer of natural gas in the continental US.

Deep Shale Natural Gas: Abundant, Affordable, and Surprisingly Water Efficient (Chesapeake)

Water is essential to energy resource development; conversely, energy resources are needed for developing, processing, and distributing water resources. As a result, water and energy are interdependent.

An Emerging Giant: Prospects and Economic Impacts of Developing the Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Play

Many Pennsylvanians are aware of the recent surge in natural gas leasing activity.
The vast majority of citizens, however, do not fully appreciate the scale of change such
development will unleash. This report educates the public on the current size, economic
impacts, and future prospects of the Marcellus shale gas industry in Pennsylvania.

Potential Gas Committee Reports Unprecedented Increase In Magnitude Of U.S. Natural Gas Resource Base

The Potential Gas Committee (PGC) today released the results of its latest biennial assessment of the nation’s natural gas resources, which indicates that the United States possesses a total resource base of 1,836 trillion cubic feet (Tcf). This is the highest resource evaluation in the Committee’s 44-year history.

State Oil and Natural Gas Regulations Designed to Protect Water Resources (GWPC)

The purpose of oil and natural gas regulations is to establish the framework within which regulatory programs protect the environment, especially water, with respect to the exploration and development of oil and gas resources. While regulations are not the sole measure of regulatory effectiveness, they are an indicator of regulatory intent. They form the backbone of the regulatory program.

Modern Shale Gas Development in the United States: A Primer

This Primer on Modern Shale Gas Development in the United States was commissioned through the Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC).

Evaluation of High TDS Concentrations in the Monongahela River (Tetra Tech)

Tetra Tech NUS, Inc. (Tetra Tech) conducted a study to evaluate the potential causes of high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) concentrations recently detected in the Monongahela River in southwestern Pennsylvania.

The Economic Impact of the Natural Gas Industry in West Virginia

Economic activity surrounding natural gas is dominated by extraction and support for those operations.

Environmental Benefits of Advanced Oil and Gas Exploration and Production (Dept. of Energy)

Throughout the oil and gas life cycle, the industry has applied an array of advanced technologies to improve efficiency, productivity, and environmental performance. This report focuses specifically on advances in exploration and production (E&P) operations.