Why is Propane so freakin expensive?

According to the Energy Information Agency (EIA), propane prices are subject to a number of influences, some common to all petroleum products, and others unique to propane. Because propane is easily transported, it can serve many different markets, from fueling barbecue grills to producing petrochemicals. The price of propane in these markets is influenced by […]

How much natural gas is being extracted from wells in my area?

Unfortunately we do not know which county you reside in, however the Pa. Department of Environment Protection has a great online resource where you can view production reports for wells in your area.

How long will Marcellus Shale be drilling?

The short answer to your question is at least a few decades, probably 30 years. As the second largest natural gas field in the world, at approximately 95,000 square miles and estimated to contain upwards of 410 trillion cubic feet of gas, this is an industry that will be around for quite some time. In […]

Is the industry aware that some groups seem pleased with their behavior so far? An attendee asked “What’s the issue”?

As a matter of fact, yes, we frequently hear from individuals, businesses and various stakeholders groups from all corners of the Commonwealth that support safe, job-creating natural gas development. Protecting and enhancing our environment, creating good local jobs and lowering energy costs for consumers is widely supported. This support bears out in public opinion polling […]

Is this campaign an attempt to cover your own asses when the general public finds out you are screwing them?

The safe development of clean-burning domestic natural gas represents an historic opportunity for our region and for the nation. Our industry’s collective efforts — including this initiative — are focused on fostering a fact- and science-based community conversation about safe, job-creating American natural gas. We have an obligation to answer real questions with straightforward facts. […]

What is the commitment to communicate to low income residents and how can we evaluate the success of that communication?

The MSC, and our member companies, are committed to effectively communicating with and engaging every single demographic and a broad spectrum of stakeholders. Each and every one of us stands to continue to benefit from safe shale development, through more affordable energy costs, cleaner air and more jobs. For example, we have partnered with various […]

Haven’t scientists been developing natural gas all along?

Natural gas development was pioneered in the United States. In fact, “In 1821, William Hart dug the first successful natural gas well in the U.S. in Fredonia, New York.” And today — thanks to the persistence and entrepreneurial spirit of George Mitchell and others — “We produce more natural gas than any country on Earth,” […]

Is the industry willing to work with the conservation groups to make a documentary DVD or TV program focusing on the benefits to wildlife and wildlife habitat?

The Marcellus Shale Coalition is always open to considering new partnerships. Please contact us if you have an idea you would like to discuss. You can also read about our members’ commitment to wildlife and wildlife habitat in a fact sheet about how we strive to share the woods and in our Recommended Practices of […]

Why is there an east/west divide around the industry?

The short answer is the natural gas found in central and northeastern Pennsylvania is considered “dry gas” while the natural gas developed in western and southwestern Pennsylvania is “wet gas.” This has to do with the contents of the gas. Dry gas is close to pure methane. Wet gas has heavier hydrocarbons (butane, ethane, propane) […]

I have a natural gas stove. Every time I turn it on, my dog gets scared and runs out of the house. Is natural gas bad for the animals?

Not that we’re aware of. As pet owners and dog lovers ourselves, my dog gets scared when I turn on the vacuum cleaner. So it may just be a function of the dog not liking the blue flame. But to be certain, you may want to consult with your vet.

Will you do another session which will be electronic?

While we continue to engage with a broad spectrum stakeholders through various outlets – community meetings, forums, events as well as social media – at this point we are still exploring options specific to future online Learn About Shale sessions. That said, we would encourage you – and others – to submit questions at any […]

What is the Halliburton Exemption?

The short answer is that it is a myth. The bipartisan 2005 energy bill does not contain an exemption or “loophole,” as some have called it, for hydraulic fracturing, as the practice was not regulated under federal law by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency prior to 2005. In Pennsylvania, natural gas companies are required by […]

How do you look at yourself in the mirror? How is this not the worst crime against the environment ever being committed?

We are proud of the work we are doing to produce a clean-burning energy source that is improving the environment, strengthening American energy security and creating jobs. Responsible shale development is driving the American economy, while reducing emissions. In fact, the Wall Street Journal has reported that according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, thanks […]

How many people did you poison today with methane?

The short answer is none. We are committed to making our tightly regulated operations safe. Methane, the main constituent of natural gas, is not toxic or poisonous and is the cleanest-burning hydrocarbon. It is flammable, so we certainly work to keep it contained, and we have had great success safely producing natural gas. The President […]

Increase its outreach efforts?

We have had positive feedback across the Commonwealth, specifically the greater Philadelphia region, regarding our various and ongoing educational and outreach efforts focused on safe, tightly-regulated shale gas development and expanded natural gas use. As noted, these efforts ongoing, and we will continue to working with a broad and diverse set of stakeholders to ensure […]

What can be done by the conservation groups to credit industry when they do something positive?

Our industry works very closely with, and welcomes input from, a host of stakeholders, including conservation groups and organizations. As underscored in our Guiding Principles, safety and environmentally responsible efforts to responsibly develop shale is our foremost priority. The MSC has published a Recommended Practice on Site Planning, Development and Restoration focused on ensuring that […]

Will you come into Philadelphia neighborhoods and hold info sessions? Most of my friends/neighbors think fracking is evil and must be fought.

We are always eager to engage and help inform Pennsylvanians on the clear benefits associated with safe, tightly-regulated shale development, and routinely host and sponsor events in the Greater Philadelphia area, as well as across the entire Commonwealth. In the meantime, we’d encourage you – and your neighbors – to join the ongoing conversation online […]

How to deal with more cynical and skeptical population and less trust of business and government?

Our industry recognizes that many Pennsylvanians have real questions about natural gas development and we believe they deserve honest, fact-based, straightforward answers. This is exactly why we launched Learn About Shale. Our goal is to further engage the public on the benefits and safeguards surrounding clean-burning natural gas development and use. The historic opportunity before us […]

Why at the company meetings, events, etc. do the drilling companies say they would like to be transparent, but it is really hard to find accurate data on land leased, production rates, etc.

As an industry, we recognize to succeed in the safe development of natural gas over the near- and long-term, transparency is essential. This commitment is enshrined in our Guiding Principles: “We continuously improve our practices and seek transparency in our operations.” Much of the information that you cite is in fact publically available and/or required […]

Where is the Burkett shale deposit?

While the deep Marcellus Shale deposit sits in the middle of the Devonian Shale layer, the Burkett Shale deposit is closer to the surface in the Upper Devonian shale. Penn State University Extension offers the following description: The final ingredient in the Pennsylvania triple play is the upper Devonian shale. Generally, combinations of several thinner […]