VIDEO 📽️: American Energy Strength, Resilience in 2020

America’s second decade of energy leadership came as the world faced an unprecedented economic and public health crisis. But through it all, the natural gas industry – which employs tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians and supports small businesses across our communities – kept the lights on, delivered the necessary resources to make vital PPE, including trial vaccines, and worked hard to make sure community foodbanks, hospitals, and schools were supported.

“Our industry continues to confront significant challenges with an eye toward safety and responsibility at every aspect of our work. But with the talented workforce and supply chain that enables natural gas to be safely produced in Pennsylvania, we’re confident, upbeat, and bullish that we will emerge from this pandemic and recent downturn stronger and more resilient than ever before,” MSC’s Dave Spigelmyer said.

As we close the books on this year and look ahead to 2021, we understand the critical importance of policy discussions around energy, environment, and climate and we recognize natural gas as the fuel that can help our nation achieve these top policy priorities. Afterall, there is no better baseload electricity partner to highly intermittent wind and solar sources than affordable, reliable natural gas.