MSC Member Spotlight: Orion Strategies

This week we spoke with Orion Strategies, communications and public relations firm established in 2006 that’s an MSC associate member.

Please give a brief introduction to your company.

Orion Strategies is a multi-state strategic communications and public relations firm with a staff of experienced professionals in public relations, government affairs, grassroots advocacy, polling, research, and creative services. The firm was established in 2006 and now has offices across Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. 

The professionals at Orion Strategies bring a wide range of experience. They have served at high levels in media and government and have directed a wealth of successful campaigns. Additionally, Orion has performed extensive work in various fields (including energy, healthcare, manufacturing, telecom, education, etc.), which allows the firm to call upon a wide berth of experience on behalf of its clients.

At Orion Strategies our goals are to know our client and understand the objective, provide excellent work, and deliver measurable results.

How does your company support clients or customers in the energy space?

Orion Strategies has worked with numerous clients in the natural gas industry including producers, midstream, power generation and trade associations from across the country. This includes guiding clients through major media events, managing local politics and communications, monitoring news stories and responses across the industry, assisting with crisis response development and action, and the planning and development of large and small campaigns.

In addition, Orion Strategies often builds and manages coalitions to advance a message through third party advocates and add additional voices and perspectives to create value.

What is a key differentiator for your business?

Orion Strategies firmly believes that the success to any communications campaign is knowing the audience and opposition. This is why we do a deep dive and provide background research to clients throughout every project. This information identifies potential issues, opposition, weak points, and other important information that may cause delays to a project. From there, we develop a plan that deploys strategic messaging to a targeted audience using various channels and platforms. Our creative team develops full visual campaigns that include websites, infographics, mail, videography and photography and more to help enhance messaging. We use these tools to keep projects on time and on budget.

How has MSC membership been of value to your company and the services you provide?

For years, Orion Strategies has proudly taken part in Shale Insight where the industry has gathered from across the basin, and the nation.  The Marcellus Shale Coalition has a brought considerable professionalism to organizing one of the finest events in the tri-state area.  From hosting the President of the United States to providing insightful speakers, this collaborative event with the Ohio Oil and Gas Association and the West Virginia Oil and Gas Association has no equal.

What is something that you would like a neighbor unfamiliar with the industry to know?

Too often, we all forget that it is not the message and the facts that matter the most for effective communication-but the listener.  To reach people, we need to listen first. From there, it is discussing the issues and topics that actually matter to our neighbors – meeting them at their concerns and hopes for the future.