MSC Member Spotlight: Titan Energy Solutions

The Member Spotlight is an ongoing Q&A series focused on getting to know the MSC community. Today’s spotlight shines on Titan Energy Solutions.

Q. Please give a brief introduction to Titan Energy.

As a result of heightened industry demand and regional geotechnical construction risks, Titan Energy Solutions was founded in 2018 to help operators mitigate ground movement and slip issues. Today, we are much more. Our family is made up of exceptional oil and gas construction professionals, geotechnical specialists, environment, health and safety (EHS) experts, industry engineers, and contractor personnel.

Q. How does your company support clients or customers in the energy space?

Aside from keeping our clients’ projects on schedule, we are committed to the highest level of safety for our team, clients, and job sites. Our services include:

  • Slip repair and mitigation
  • Pipeline servicing
  • Right of way cleanup and restoration
  • Pad construction
  • Water line installation
  • Erosion and sediment maintenance and removal
  • Access road construction
  • Site development
  • Equipment and water hauling
  • Excavation
  • Orphan well plugging

Q. What is a key differentiator for your business?

Titan Energy Solutions is made up of workers who are 100% local to the tri-state area. We believe that our local work is done best by local workers. Regional construction risks, slope stability, and terrain factors are best mitigated by those familiar with the regional landscape and obstacles.

Q. How has MSC membership been of value to your company and the services you provide?

As a startup company, the MSC has provided us with networks and a sense of community throughout our continuous growth in the industry, especially throughout this challenging year.

Q. What is something that you would like a neighbor unfamiliar with the industry to know?

We believe it is our responsibility as professionals to acknowledge the negative perception of our industry and educate those who are less familiar with the positive work our industry provides. For example, clean burning natural gas being a solution to climate concerns, and the work we do in helping our clients obtain “net zero” initiatives.