SHALE INSIGHT™ Focuses on Region’s Energy Opportunity

President Trump: “You’ve helped make America the number one producer of oil and gas. Number one by far.”

With clean, American natural gas, our economy is stronger, our nation more secure, manufacturing is on the march, and the U.S. is a global clean air leader, President Trump said during headline remarks during the ninth annual SHALE INSIGHT™ conference last week.

Our organizations – MSC, OOGA and WVONGA – were deeply honored to welcome the President to Pittsburgh for remarks that made SHALE INSIGHT™ one of the most dynamic and exciting conferences yet.

Click HERE to watch the President’s remarks.

In addition to the opportunity to hear from the President, SHALE INSIGHT™ 2019 was a celebration of jobs, manufacturing growth, and environmental progress. Through a mix of conversations with energy leaders, such as EQT’s CEO Toby Rice, technical break-out sessions, and an engaging exhibit hall, SHALE INSIGHT™ remains a leading conference on shale development.

Importantly, Dr. Scott Tinker, Director, Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas presented on workable solutions in the radical middle – the difficult and impactful overlap space between energy, the economy and the environment. Dr. Tinker’s global perspective on the fundamental need for reliable, affordable energy, provided a thought-provoking conversation on the role natural gas can play in improving the quality of life for billions of people and greatly enhancing our climate.

Here are some of the hundreds of articles focused on another SHALE INSIGHT™ success:

Fox & Friends: Marcellus Shale Coalition praises Trump’s impact on energy independence with David Spigelmyer

“The President’s visit yesterday created an opportunity for us to celebrate the job growth and the economic progress we’re making as a result of that,” MSC’s Dave Spigelmyer said. (FoxNews)

Energy Renaissance’: President Trump Brings Pro-Energy Agenda To Shale Insight Conference

President Trump: “American energy belongs to hard-working men and women like you who get up every day and make this country run. Today I’m proud to declare that I’ve delivered on every single promise I’ve made at this conference 3 years ago and much much more.” (KDKA)

EQT’s Toby Rice says the industry needs to spread good news, and gas, abroad

“Speaking to the economics,” Toby Rice said, “shale works. How efficient shale development can be has been clouded historically by just massive growth.” … He said as the country moves to embrace renewable energy, it will need natural gas. One local example is the recently announced plan to cover eight acres of the Pittsburgh International Airport with solar panels, paired with a 20-megawatt gas power plant. (Post-Gazette)

Rice: EQT on sure footing in natural gas industry

A little more than 100 days since ascending to the top at EQT Corp., Toby Rice agreed his firm is on sure footing in the natural gas industry – but is striving to operate on even sturdier turf. … “Stakeholder engagement is terribly important,” Rice said. “Sometimes, people lose sight of that. But we could not be successful without landowners and so many others. We want to make sure we are the best partners we can be. “We want to be a values-driven organization, and the No. 1 value at EQT is trust,” he added. “We want our stakeholders to trust us.” (Observer-Reporter)

Pennsylvania’s gas politics churn as Trump embraces industry

President Donald Trump promoted his support for the natural gas industry Wednesday, making clear on his second visit to Pennsylvania in the past three months that he sees his pro-industry policies as a boost to his chances of winning the battleground state in 2020. … Addressing the Pittsburgh conference gave Trump the ability to pitch to an industry and a region — western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and West Virginia — that help make up “what some would call his base,” said Dave Spigelmyer, president of the Marcellus Shale Coalition, a trade group that’s co-sponsoring the event. “The president certainly recognizes what a critical role this country is playing in energy, and that this state and region are playing in energy,” Spigelmyer said. (Associated Press)

David Spigelmyer, Matt Hammond & Anne Blankenship: Policies & priorities for natural gas industry

Pennsylvanians are realizing more than $2,000 in annual home energy savings; Ohio’s air quality progress is accelerating faster than the national average; and West Virginia experienced the country’s highest economic growth rate earlier this year. … This natural gas abundance establishes an opportunity for the region to be a long-term energy production leader. For the tri-state’s economy, consumers and our environment, being a global energy production leader represents great news with much more to come. (Tribune-Review column)

State environmental enforcers at Shale Insight 2019

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Cabinet Secretary Austin Caperton, along with Ohio Department of Natural Resources Mary Mertz and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Deputy Secretary Scott Perry shared their persecptives on balancing environmental protection and industry growth during the 2019 Shale Insight Conference at Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center Wednesday afternoon. (State-Journal)