MSC in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Natural gas companies are committed to public safety

As parents, we are saddened by the reports of children and families in our region affected by cancer. Make no mistake, our organizations — and the tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians who produce clean, domestic energy — welcome and encourage additional science-based and objective research from the state Department of Health that considers all possible factors and variables surrounding the recent local incidences of cancer (June 26 editorial, “Meanwhile, Parents Fret”).

On these matters, we continue to look to the broadly held opinions of medical experts. Physicians and public health researchers understand that “there are no known lifestyle-related or environmental causes of Ewing tumors,” as the American Cancer Society states. After a review of regional childhood cancer cases, independent experts in Gov. Tom Wolf’s health department concluded in April that “incidence rates for the Ewing’s family of tumors and childhood cancers in Washington County and Canon-McMillan School District were not consistently and statistically significantly higher than expected.”

What’s more, a two-year, comprehensive study of a natural gas well site near the Fort Cherry School District, released in May, found no air quality issues that would affect public health.

Our organizations, member companies and local employees are committed — on the most personal level — to protecting the health, safety and environment of the communities where we’re privileged to live, raise our families and work. We welcome third-party, independent research into all of the possible factors surrounding these health issues.

Jim Welty
Vice President
Marcellus Shale Coalition

The letter is also signed by Kevin Moody, the general counsel and vice president of government affairs for the Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association.

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