American Energy Dominance Grows with LNG Deal

America’s energy dominance was fortified this week with a newly signed agreement to deliver more natural gas to Poland.

Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) signed an agreement with Venture Global LNG to purchase an additional 1.5 million metric tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG) per year from the United States. Deliveries are expected to begin in 2023.

Venture Global’s Plaquemines terminal, which is currently being built in Louisiana, will increase its volume from 1 million tons per year to 2.5 million tons per year.

During the signing of the agreement, United States Secretary of Energy Rick Perry stated:

“Poland and the United States have a strong and strategic alliance and friendship which is fortified by a shared commitment to energy security and an understanding that true energy security is achieved through energy diversity.”

President Trump recently signed two executive orders aimed at expanding and modernizing America’s energy infrastructure, which in turn will boost the number of oil and gas exports from the U.S. to allies and trade partners abroad. The new deal with Poland is a step in the right direction as it will “loosen Russia’s grip on Europe’s market,” Bloomberg noted.

Currently, Poland receives most of its gas supply from Russia, but Vice President of PGNiG Management Board for Trade Maciej Woźniak explained that “American LNG is becoming more competitive, which is confirmed by consecutive quarters of increased imports by Europe.”

As countries become less reliant on Russian energy, the United States will have a greater opportunity to establish a market presence in Europe, which in turn will bolster the domestic economy and – as Secretary Perry recently noted ­– help “spread freedom throughout the world.”

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