MSC Member Spotlight: Ecosystem Investment Partners

We recently interviewed Jaime Zsiros of Ecosystem Investment Partners (EIP), a leading private investment firm focused on solving ecological restoration and mitigation issues.

Q. What services does your company provide to support shale development and/or infrastructure expansion in Pennsylvania and this region?

Zsiros: Ecosystem Investment Partners (EIP) is the largest private firm fully dedicated to mobilizing capital to solve ecological restoration and mitigation issues. EIP delivers high quality ecological services through the development of stream, wetland, and species mitigation banks and turn key restoration projects throughout the Appalachian region and the United States. Through its investment funds, EIP acquires, restores and permanently protects priority conservation properties, and sells the credits generated to customers, such as the natural gas industry, who must offset their unavoidable environmental impacts.  Specifically, EIP provides our customers a cost-effective, risk free, and streamlined process for offsetting Clean Water Act (CWA) and Endangered Species Act (ESA) mitigation requirements.

Q. What makes your company stand out from your competitors?

Zsiros: The most important aspect of our business is customer service and building long-lasting relationships. We pride ourselves on building high-quality restoration projects and delivering successful large-scale mitigation solutions to our customers. We are always willing to go the extra mile with infinite creativity and flexibility throughout all aspects of our company.

Q. Would you please highlight one of your company’s projects that you feel reflects positively upon the good work you provide to our industry.

Zsiros: The development of EIP’s mitigation bank network within the Appalachian region not only provides regional ecosystem improvements, but it also gives us an opportunity to provide streamlined mitigation solutions to our natural gas customers across multiple watersheds and states.

Q. How has the natural gas industry impacted your company’s business?  Has the industry allowed your company to grow and expand employment opportunities?

Zsiros: The development of the natural gas industry has contributed to increased economic growth within the region through energy, infrastructure, and transportation development. This increase has given EIP the ability to build a strong portfolio of mitigation banks in Appalachia and the ability to restore and preserve priority conservation areas throughout multiple watersheds in several states. Moreover, developing mitigation banks within this region has given EIP the ability to provide local job opportunities for multiple contractors both within and outside of EIP.

Q. How has the Marcellus Shale Coalition added value to your business?

Zsiros: EIP joined the MSC within the last year. Since that time, the MSC has provided a platform and resource for EIP to expand upon our industry connections and mitigation service offerings. We are glad to be part of an organization that invests so much time into its members while serving to improve and expand the industry.

Q. If you could explain one thing to external stakeholders about the opportunities that have been created for your company by the natural gas industry, what would it be.

Zsiros: Natural gas development has contributed to EIP’s regional expansion and allotted us an opportunity to invest in local communities while providing local job opportunities through ecosystem restoration.

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