MSC in Delco Times: Gas producers are pushing technology

To the Times:

Readers deserve critical context and facts that were omitted from Rep. Vitali’s recent op-ed on emissions (“Gov. Wolf’s methane proposal falls short,” May 3). The industry-driven innovation that spurred the shale revolution a decade ago is now aimed at improving operations, as natural gas producers are investing in technology and developing best practices that are reducing emissions even while production grows.

Thanks to a collaborative industry effort, Pennsylvania already has an effective program to address methane emissions that requires operators to follow strict leak detection, repair and reporting standards. These are now rules that are part of Pennsylvania’s robust regulatory framework, with nearly 20,000 inspections completed in 2018.

Methane is the very product our members produce and sell, so we have every incentive to minimize losses. And our efforts are working. As natural gas production has expanded, methane emissions have plummeted, falling more than 18 percent since 1990, according to recent EPA data. Across the Appalachian Basin, the intensity of those emissions has decreased by 82 percent since 2011.

Our member companies are proud of the role we play in producing the fuel that is cleaning our air, bolstering our economy and positioning Pennsylvania as a world leader through historic emissions reductions. We remain committed to maintaining that leadership.

David Spigelmyer
Marcellus Shale Coalition

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