President Trump’s Executive Orders Advance American Energy Dominance

Pennsylvania’s energy job-creators joined manufacturers and top building trades union leaders, among others, to applaud President Trump’s signing yesterday of two executive orders that will help expand and modernize America’s energy infrastructure.

The Executive Orders are expected to streamline federal permitting and ease unnecessary regulatory roadblocks for new pipeline construction and LNG export terminals. Joining building trades partners in supporting the measure, MSC’s Spigelmyer said the “executive order will help ensure the energy infrastructure that delivers clean, abundant American natural gas is there when consumers, small businesses, hospitals, and manufacturers need it.”

Here’s what other top union building trades had to say:

LiUNA General President Terry O’Sullivan: “LIUNA proudly represents members working in the energy sector, including many in the oil and natural gas industries. Jobs in this industry have paved the way to a blue-collar, middle-class way of life for millions of families across our country.”

“The President’s Executive Orders will create and protect good, union jobs in the energy sector by eliminating the costly delays caused by outdated permitting processes and regulations. Not only will these Executive Orders boost our economy, but they will ensure the energy reliability and affordability our country deserves for decades to come.”

North America’s Building Trades Union President Sean McGarvey: “With demand for America’s natural gas continuing to grow, building sufficient energy infrastructure is critical. All of the major pipelines our building trades members build employ the most advanced technology and monitoring systems and maintenance plans.”

“Furthermore, research has proven that pipelines are the safest, most economical and environmentally friendly mode of transporting energy. We appreciate this administration working to ease permitting delays on vitally important projects that create good jobs and ensure clean, safe and affordable energy for communities across this great nation.”

National Association of Manufacturers President and CEO Jay Timmons: “The President’s executive action to accelerate the energy infrastructure permitting process will boost job creation, energy security, the growth of U.S. exports and the expansion of manufacturing in America.”

“For years, manufacturers have advocated for a modernized permitting process, and this administration has listened, providing much needed clarity to often confusing or unpredictable rules and regulations. With these new tools in hand, manufacturers are not only empowered to make new investments in our people and our communities but also to keep our promise to deliver responsible environmental stewardship.”

LiUNA Mid-Atlantic Region Vice President Denny Martire: “The executive order announced today is a win for natural gas, the bridge fuel that will get our nation to a renewable energy future. Too often the regulatory process at the state level is manipulated by zealots who are waging a project-by-project war against natural gas, throwing thousands of laborers out of work in the process.”

“No one is more concerned about the safety of our natural gas energy infrastructure than the workers who build it. This executive order is a step in the right direction – towards rational regulation that protects our environment and secures good family-supporting jobs.”

Unfortunately, the Cuomo administration has blocked critical energy infrastructure projects like the Constitution Pipeline, for example, that would move Pennsylvania-produced natural gas to New York and the New England region. As a result of Cuomo’s energy blockade, the northeast has been starved for natural gas – a situation that newspaper editorials have recently called “a crisis.” From the NY Post:

“New York needs gas today, and pipelines to deliver it, to keep the economy healthy and growing. Cuomo has already socked New York with his ban on fracking…Just how much more can its economy take?”

Blocking pipelines does not reduce the fundamental need for affordable access to energy. During last year’s arctic freeze, the New England region imported Russian natural gas to meet the spike in demand, just as America became the world’s top natural gas producer.

We are encouraged by the President’s action that will lift this energy blockade and allow for Pennsylvania’s abundant natural gas resources to help families and small businesses, many who are struggling to make ends meet.