MSC in the Westchester County Business Journal: Cuomo administration’s energy blockade

To the editor:

Westchester County is “in a panic,” the Business Journal reported last week, as consumers can’t access American natural gas supplies they need. This burden for New York families has been created by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who continues to block job-creating natural gas pipeline projects.

New York was the fifth-largest natural gas consumer for its electricity in 2017, with the fuel meeting nearly 40 percent of the state’s power demands. Consumers and small businesses in Westchester County, and across the region, want access to natural gas and its clean air and energy savings benefits.

Thanks to safe natural gas development – and the pipelines to deliver this energy resource to homes, schools and hospitals – Pennsylvanians have realized energy savings in excess of $2,100 per household. We’re leading on enhancing air quality too, with carbon emissions and harmful pollutants plummeting as more natural gas is used to power our economy.

Yet, the Cuomo administration’s energy blockade has left the northeast starved for natural gas. During last year’s arctic freeze, the region imported Russian natural gas to meet the spike in demand, just as America became the world’s top natural gas producer. In blocking critical energy infrastructure, Gov. Cuomo has made certain that New York families will pay more for energy and have less access to affordable, clean-burning American natural gas.

Pennsylvania’s abundant natural gas resources can provide a boost to New York families and small businesses, many whom are struggling to make ends meet. It’s up to Gov. Cuomo and leaders in Albany to decide if they want to put people, or politics, first.

David Spigelmyer is president of the Marcellus Shale Coalition, a top natural gas trade association with 200 member companies, based in Pittsburgh. The group can be contacted at [email protected]

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