Pa. Natural Gas Tax Revenue Partially Funds $7.5+ Million in Environmental Projects

Tax revenue from Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry, combined with royalties from energy development on state lands, is a critical funding source for the state’s Environmental Stewardship Fund and its Growing Greener program.  

Over the past month, the Department of Environmental Protection has awarded nearly $8 million in Growing Greener grants in support of more than 30 environmental projects throughout the state. The Growing Greener grant program is one of the largest investments into Pennsylvania’s environment, with 40 percent of its funding generated from the Marcellus Legacy fund, a key fact missing from DEP’s award announcements.

Revenue from the state’s natural gas impact tax (fee) and royalties from development on and under state lands constitute the Marcellus Legacy Fund. These projects have been instrumental in cleaning up abandoned mine lands, preserving farmland, and protecting and restoring watersheds throughout the commonwealth.

Since 2011, the majority of the $1.5 billion generated from Pennsylvania’s natural gas impact tax has directly benefitted community programs, environmental initiatives, and road upgrades.

Here’s a breakdown of the projects supported by the Growing Greener program that receives a significant portion of revenue from the natural gas impact tax.

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