Cleaner Air, Cost Savings Drive Natural Gas-Powered Transit

We appreciate the blessing we have under our feet in Indiana County and western Pennsylvania.”

 – Indiana County Board of Commissioners Chairman Michael Baker

Our abundant and affordable natural gas resource in Pennsylvania is producing energy savings for the state’s transit systems and environmental gains for all. In recent weeks, a number of compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations have opened around the Commonwealth – delivering a cost-effective and clean fuel alternative for public transportation.

These new stations are being constructed to fill the needs of the growing number of clean-burning CNG powered buses throughout Pennsylvania. In Lehigh and Northampton Counties alone, 10 new CNG buses just hit the road over the past few weeks, with plans for 10 more in the works. And Rabbit transit in Central Pa. recently opened the 14th of 24 planned CNG stations there.

Because of the proximity and affordability of natural gas, the switch to affordable CNG makes economic sense, as WPMT reports. “Buses can burn a lot of fuel,” says state Rep. Dan Moul of Adams County. “Now multiply that with the number of buses we have in Pennsylvania, we could save literally millions and millions of dollars just in our busing system.”

What’s more, communities are experiencing the benefits of switching to clean, CNG buses, including more reliable means of transportation and environmental progress – all thanks to shale gas.

The latest Pa. CNG station opened up earlier this month in Indiana County. As the fourth of six stations, the community already “appreciates the blessing it has under its feet in Indiana County and Western Pennsylvania,” according to County Board of Commissioner Chairman Michael Baker. At the station opening, others lauded the benefits of CNG, reports Next-Gen Transportation News:

“This addition to our growing ranks of transit-based CNG stations means savings for transit operators and a step towards a better environment,” Gov. Tom Wolf said. “CNG-fueled vehicles translate into better efficiency, cleaner burning fuels and lower fuel costs.”

Added Bill Cashmareck, director of station-builder Trillium: “Together, we’re offering a clean fuel derived from an abundant local resource, and we’re giving consumers another option they didn’t have before. It’s a big win for Pennsylvania.”

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