Natural Gas Drives U.S. Manufacturing Job Growth

A Manufacturing Day message from MSC’s Dave Spigelmyer and Pa. Manufacturers’ Association’s Dave Taylor

America’s energy revolution – lead right here in the Commonwealth – is breathing new life into our manufacturing sector, creating good paying jobs and strengthening our economy.

That’s an achievement well worth celebrating on national Manufacturing Day.

Thanks to natural gas from shale, in no less than a decade, Pennsylvania manufacturing has transformed – we’re seeing new job opportunities, growth and investment in a sector that’s the backbone of our economy. Projects are coming online throughout the state, like the multi-billion-dollar Shell ethane cracker in Beaver County, Hershey’s expansion in Luzerne County and a titanium producer’s investment in Washington County.

Let’s take a look at the stats, as reported by the National Association of Manufacturers :

  • Manufacturing output has increased by $12 billion since 2012, with Pennsylvania’s chemical products industry leading the way
  • 95% of American manufacturers are optimistic about the future
  • More than 500,000 Pennsylvanians work in manufacturing, earning 47% higher compensation than the state’s average
  • This past year, American manufacturing added the most jobs of any 12-month period since 1995

Record setting production is giving domestic manufacturers the competitive edge, as the tri-state region is the most attractive location for petrochemical manufacturing investment, according to a recent IHS Markit analysis.

MSC’s Spigelmyer joined WHP580’s RJ Harris and WSBA 910’s Gary Sutton to discuss the connection between shale and manufacturing job growth. Here are some highlights:

From the RJ Harris Show:

[Shale development] has created enormous competitive advantage for manufacturers across the commonwealth. We’re starting to witness and see firsthand how affordable and abundant energy that’s produced here at home is having an impact on jobs – more than 500,000 Pennsylvanians are working in manufacturing today, earning 49% higher than the state average.

New plants are being developed, like the petrochemical facility in western Pennsylvania. Chemical manufacturing investment is being made and new power generation is being developed across the state, creating jobs broadly for folks. It’s just been a winner because of the affordability and abundance of our homegrown energy. …

From Gary Sutton’s program:

National Manufacturing Day is a celebration of the opportunities we’ve got to promote manufacturing across the United States and here in Pennsylvania. Our manufacturers have a new, enormous competitive advantage made possible by local, affordable natural gas and all-American energy. 

Natural gas has been a huge winner for consumers across the Commonwealth. 

As a nation, we are the largest producer of natural gas in the world [and] we have the ability here today, with our gas produced in Pennsylvania, to have the opportunity to fuel the planet. 

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