Natural Gas: Moving America Forward

Following its annual meeting this week, the MSC released a new video highlighting the progress that America continues to make thanks to domestic natural gas development. As MSC’s Dave Spigelmyer said, “clean-burning natural gas is moving America’s economy, our environment and our security forward.”


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Here’s what they’re saying about clean, American natural gas.

Clean, Efficient Fuel Source

  • State-of-the-Art Power Plant Fueled by Locally Produced Natural Gas: North Central Pa. is now home to a first of its kind power plant. It was built specifically to take advantage of its close proximity to the Marcellus Shale industry. … “This plant is special,” said Panda Power Funds President/CEO Todd Carter. It’s the first to be fueled by natural gas direct from the Marcellus Shale region where it’s located. … Siemens Energy Inc. Senior VP Barry Nicholls said, “There are other combine cycle natural gas-fired plants around the country. This is about the most modern.” Mr. Carter added, “It is the most efficient gas project utilizing Marcellus Shale gas that has ever been done in the U.S.The plant is considered one of the cleanest natural gas-fueled power plants in existence. … The plant which has already been supplying electricity to the grid since June powers up to one million homes. It’s also expected to provide plenty of economic juice by contributing nearly $6 billion to the northern tier in the next ten years. “This plant here is an absolute boom to the economy in this region,” said Panda Power Plants VP of Public Affairs Bill Pentak. (WBRE, 10/27/16)
  • Westmoreland Co. Bus Fleet Set for Fuel Conversion to Natural Gas: Westmoreland Co. Transit Authority will begin converting its bus fleet next year to compressed natural gas as part of a statewide project. … “The conversion should keep our fuel costs stable, and it is cleaner burning,” authority Executive Director Alan Blahovec said. PennDOT last year launched an $84.5 million project with Trillium CNG to convert 29 public transportation centers throughout Pa. to natural gas fueling centers over the next five years. … The authority has 41 buses, and 23 vehicles are slated to be replaced within the next year. Blahovec said the authority will buy buses that use CNG. … “I think we’re fortunate. It’s a great opportunity for us,” authority board Vice Chairwoman Rosie Wolford said. (Tribune-Review, 10/23/16)
  • UPenn Study: Natural Gas Drives Consumer Savings, Air Quality Improvements: Pennsylvanians are getting more reliable and cheaper electricity supply, and breathing cleaner air, since the state embraced electric competition in 1996, a University of Pennsylvania study concludes. The study by the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy determined that the breakup of electric utility monopolies and the introduction of market-based competition saved consumers more than $800 million last year. The average retail price for electricity in Pennsylvania was 15% above the national average in 1996. Last year, the average price was 0.1% below the national average. Competition has contributed to a massive switch in fuel sources to generate power — from coal to natural gas — that has reduced emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide, according to the findings. … Though the reduction in electricity prices was largely caused by cheap natural gas, the competitive market structure Pennsylvania put in place allowed those savings to flow through to consumers, said [former DEP sec. John] Hanger. “From a consumer perspective, that’s been nothing but good,” Hanger told the Innovation, Change and Challenge conference Friday at Hershey Lodge. (Phila. Inq., 10/28/16)

Strengthens Communities

  • Greene Co. to Extend, Improve River Trail with Shale Impact Tax Revenues: The grant from the Commonwealth Financing Authority will enable the county to complete the first extension of the Greene River Trail since the last extension was done in 2007. … The Commonwealth Financing Authority is an independent agency created to administer a variety of the state’s funding programs designed to help grow the economy, create jobs and improve cultural and recreational resources. Funding for the projects comes from Act 13 Marcellus Shale impact fees. (Observer-Reporter, 10/25/16)
  • Impact Tax Revenues Help Fund Upgrades to Waynesboro, Pa. Park: Paul Schemel announced Monday that the borough of Waynesboro was awarded a $205,000 grant to make upgrades to Memorial Park. … Earlier this year, borough officials identified the tennis courts, restrooms and basketball courts as priorities to be repaired or replaced. “Memorial Park, which has seen an increase in usage, is badly in need of these improvements,” Schemel said. “Investing in projects like this one, which will be enjoyed by young and old alike for years to come, helps to maintain our region’s quality of life.” … Commonwealth Financing Authority’s funding for its greenways, trails and recreation program is linked to impact fees paid by drilling companies in Pa.’s Marcellus Shale region to be used for statewide initiatives. (Herald Mail Media, 10/24/16)
  • DuBois to Study Upgrades to Water Treatment Facility with Impact Tax Revenues: Matt Gabler is pleased to announce funding has been awarded to the City of DuBois for an efficiency study on its wastewater treatment facility in Sandy Township. The $100,000 grant has been secured through the CFA’s Sewage Facilities program, one of seven programs funded through Marcellus Shale Act 13 revenue. … The study will update the city’s Municipal Sewage Facilities plan and evaluate the overall performance and efficiency of the treatment plant. (Release, 10/25/16)
  • Williams Co. Supports Lebanon Co. Libraries and Local Fire Departments: Three Lebanon Co. fire companies and the Palmyra Public Library have received grants from pipeline builder Williams Partners to improve equipment. The grants are part of $350,000 in funding that the energy company announced Tuesday it would be providing to communities impacted by the proposed Atlantic Sunrise natural gas pipeline project. … It has given $140,800 to Lebanon Co. projects since the program began, it said in a news release. (Lebanon Daily News, 10/25/16)

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