MSC Highlights Pa.’s Strong Regulations

MSC president Dave Spigelmyer touted Pennsylvania’s strong, modernized regulatory framework this week on 90.5 WESA, Pittsburgh’s NPR station, and also addressed DEP’s costly and burdensome proposal that “will cost Pennsylvania job creators nearly $2 billion annually without providing meaningful environmental benefits.”

Here are key excerpts from the segment:

On Pa’s Commonsense, Modernized Regulations

  • “Reviews of [DEP’s] regulatory program find they are meeting objectives, which we’ve worked hard as an industry to accomplish.”
  • “We’ve increased permit fees dramatically, which has allowed DEP to increase staff from under 100 to over 220 today. This is the number two sized office in the U.S. for oversight of oil and natural gas.”
  • “What we’ve seen is heightened inspections across the state and a greater level of compliance.”
  • “Since this industry began in 2008, there have been serious modifications and enhancements made to Pa.’s regulatory program.”
  • “The [MSC] has supported efforts increase the size of regulatory departments, inspections staff, compliance staff, and an increase in permit fees.”

On Consumer, Manufacturing Benefits

  • “It’s not just the jobs and the economic piece. A lot of folks don’t realize that nearly every single consumer product we touch is manufactured through the use of natural gas.”
  • Opportunities to grow manufacturing are certainly significant. That’s a real benefit for the region. We also want to sustain the development of this industry, its growth and success, and the supply chain jobs we’ve enjoyed over the last five to seven years.”
  • “Consumers are going to come out of this winter enjoying some of the most affordable natural gas prices we’ve had for a long time.”

On Natural Gas’ Environmental Benefits  

  • “We’re one of the few countries in the world that has lessened our greenhouse gas emissions. Why? Because of increased use of natural gas.”
  • “We are a great partner with wind and solar. We need though to have our baseload fuel at our fingertips to continue to maintain life-sustaining energies.”
  • “[Shale development] needs to be done in an environmental and responsible fashion. Nearly every member around our board table thinks the same way.”

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