MSC in LNP: Modernizing Pipelines Delivers Benefits Across Pa.

The Nov. 6 article “Expert foresees problems with pipeline project” fundamentally fails to provide readers with the clear fact that modernizing Pennsylvania’s pipeline infrastructure will deliver shale’s benefits to more consumers and regional manufacturers and strengthen America’s national security.

As we continue the safe build-out and modernization of Pennsylvania’s pipeline network, consumers are benefiting in the form of lower energy costs. In fact, LNP reported last month that Lancaster-area natural gas consumers have seen costs “cut in half since 2008” (“A cheaper winter,” Sept. 21). And thanks to our abundant supplies of natural gas and the infrastructure needed to deliver it, our regional manufacturers are gaining the competitive advantage, reshoring jobs once lost abroad.

In addition to the clear consumer and manufacturing benefits, pipeline-infrastructure projects support tens of thousands of good-paying jobs for local communities, including many jobs for our region’s building trades union members. According to Dennis Martire of the Laborers’ International Union of North America, infrastructure projects are a “lifeline to family supporting jobs” and help create “long-term middle-class job opportunities.”

At the same time, consumers are benefiting here at home, and many projects are in the works to export liquefied natural gas. Locally, the Cove Point LNG project will bolster America’s national security by connecting our allies in Europe and other parts of the world with reliable supplies of natural gas.

Make no mistake, pipeline-infrastructure projects like Atlantic Sunrise directly benefit local consumers, who desperately want access to affordable Marcellus natural gas, to boost Pennsylvania’s economy, and help make America more energy secure.

Erica Clayton Wright
Marcellus Shale Coalition
Pittsburgh, Pa.

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