Higher Energy Taxes Threaten Pa. Jobs, Manufacturing

As MSC president David Spigelmyer said last week, “many in Harrisburg recognize the devastating impacts that even higher energy taxes would have on small businesses, consumers, families and manufacturers.” That was a central message the organization reinforced yesterday on RJ Harris’ WHP 580 radio program, with Spigelmyer making clear that there couldn’t be a worse time for even higher, job-crushing energy taxes.

Highlights from Spigelmyer’s radio interview:

On Higher Energy Tax Impacts

  • “We know that even higher taxes will drive additional capital from Pennsylvania and lead to further job loss. Gov. Wolf’s proposal continues to be the highest across the nation. It’s not the time to be pushing jobs away from Pennsylvania and losing the opportunities we have for our Commonwealth and local communities all across Pennsylvania.”

On Pa.’s Current Impact Tax

  • “The impact tax has raised more than $850 million, that’s been shared with all 67 counties throughout the state.”

On Consumer, Family Energy Savings

  • “The real winner for Pennsylvania is to grow the demand for natural gas to continue to provide those savings for consumers that they’re already reaping.”

On Pa.’s Manufacturing Potential

  • “The best thing we can focus on right now is growing market, putting additional people back to work in our manufacturing sector and rebuilding that sector of our economy that will generate far more revenue than any tax will. Nearly every single consumer product we touch today is manufactured through the use of natural gas. We’ve written Pennsylvania’s obituary for decades in the area of manufacturing. We have the ability today to write the birth announcement all across Pennsylvania through the use of our affordable, abundant natural gas resource to grow manufacturing. We have at our fingertips the ability to develop new manufacturing for all of the Commonwealth.”

On Expanding Natural Gas Use

  • “UPS is doing good work right now transforming their fleet vehicles to natural gas. That’s a real winner. It shows natural gas is going to be a winner long-term for transportation but also power generation.”

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