New Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Voters Support Shale

Pennsylvanians and Americans “overwhelmingly support” the safe and proven use of hydraulic fracturing to produce clean-burning natural gas, according to a national survey by Robert Morris University’s Polling Institute.

Here are key poll takeaways:

  • Support for fracing has also increased significantly – moving from 42.3% in 2013 to 55.9% majority today.
  • Additionally, support for fracing in Americans’ own hometowns has also seen increased support.  Today, 49.2% would support (strongly or somewhat) fracing in their own hometowns – up from 40.0% in late 2013.
  • Other important findings include:
    • Fracing can help the U.S. economy – 73.3% agree
    • Fracing will help the U.S. move to energy independence – 68.9% agree
    • The U.S. should begin exporting some of the resulting natural gas – 51.6% agree


This from RMU’s release:

A poll by The Robert Morris University Polling Institute shows 57.1% of Pennsylvanians in support of hydraulic fracturing. … Nationally, the figures showed 55.9% of Americans hold the same view. … Among those surveyed in Pa., 74.3% said fracking has the potential to help the U.S. economy. … Among Pennsylvanians polled, 69.9% said new drilling technologies that allow fracking “will help move the U.S. to energy independence. … The poll was conducted before the release of a recent report by the EPA that found fracking has not had much impact on drinking water. Once again mirroring national results, more Pennsylvanians said they would favor fracking in their own hometowns than the percentage opposed — 48.2% to 43.3%.

Here is what the media is reporting:

  • “Support for Fracking Growing”: About 56% of 1,003 people polled nationwide said they support hydraulic fracturing from shale, up from 42% in November 2013. The increase tracked overall knowledge of the process, which grew to nearly 71% from 45% nationwide, and was up to nearly 74% among 529 Pennsylvania residents polled last month. … More than 73% of national respondents (74% in Pa.) said pulling gas from shale has the potential to help the economy, and 69% nationally said fracking will help the country move to energy independence. (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 6/15/15)
  • “Majority Favor Fracking”: A new poll reveals more than half of Pennsylvanians favor fracking. The survey … shows 1% of Pennsylvanians support the natural gas drilling technique. … The figure is almost two percentage points higher than the national opinion of 55.9%. Nearly half of those polled — 48% — said they would welcome the industry in their own hometowns. … The poll was conducted weeks before a study from the EPA revealed no connection between contaminated drinking water and fracking. … According to the results, 74.3% believe fracking has the potential to jolt the state’s economy. (Times Leader, 6/15/15)
  • Nat’l Poll “Demonstrates Strong Bipartisan Support”: MSC president Dave Spigelmyer touted the more industry-positive aspects of the study and took a jab at Gov. Wolf’s proposal to implement a severance tax on drillers. “Poll after poll, including this most recent one, continues to demonstrate strong bipartisan support for job-creating natural gas development, which is putting tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians to work, enhancing air quality and revitalizing our manufacturing sector. … Pennsylvanians recognize the clear economic and energy security benefits of shale, and this research should serve as a reminder to elected officials that we need common-sense policies aimed at keeping the commonwealth competitive rather than even higher energy taxes.” (Beaver County Times, 6/16/15)
  • Majority of Voters Support Fracking: More than half of Pennsylvanians support hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” according to a recent poll. … “I’m not surprised at all,” said Vince Matteo, president and CEO of Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce. “It’s a proven industry in the state and the country. I think they see the benefits for the economy and job growth,” Matteo said. (Williamsport Sun Gazette, 6/15/15)
  • Voters “Overwhelming Support” Fracking: A majority of Pennsylvanians — 57. 1% — are in support hydraulic fracturing, slightly more here than across the U.S., according to a new poll. Based on the nationwide poll, 9% of Americans hold the same view. … More Pennsylvanians said they would favor hydraulic fracturing in and around their own hometowns than the percentage opposed — 48.2% to 43.3%. (Pittsburgh Business Times, 6/15/15)

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