Fact-Checking Wolf Administration’s Higher Energy Tax Claims

  • Recently, a diverse coalition of organizations representing small- and medium-sized business as well as tens of thousands of hard-working families across various sectors of Pa.’s workforce urged Gov. Wolf and the legislature to pursue commonsense polices focused on strengthening our economy and growing jobs.
  • Unfortunately, the response from Gov. Wolf and his political appointees was deeply disappointing, particularly given the enormous opportunities tied to expanding use of our region’s abundant natural gas supplies.
  • Specifically, suggesting that principled disagreements on the issue of even higher energy taxes “is simply unacceptable” and that the nearly 250,000 Pennsylvanians who work in or with the natural gas industry are “special interests” in “opposition to progress for Pennsylvania” is simply unproductive.
  • With all due respect to the governor and the office that he holds, we are not “letting down our commonwealth” by advocating for policies that encourage small business, union and manufacturing job growth (not to mention the clear environmental benefits tied to natural gas use).
  • It’s also unfortunate that the governor continues to attempt to advance a fundamentally false choice between “the interests of children and fixing our schools” and even higher energy taxes.

The following document – available in .pdf HERE – separates higher energy tax fact from fiction.