MSC in Post-Gazette: “Shale Development is Safe and Well-Regulated in Pa.”

President Barack Obama’s Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, a trained petroleum engineer, was right when she said recently that “There is a lot of misinformation about fracking.” Unfortunately, a recent column (“A Cautionary Tale for Shale,” March 22 Forum) was full of unsubstantiated claims and suggestions that perpetuate misinformation about shale development.

The Post-Gazette’s readers deserve accurate, fact-based information, especially regarding the numerous federal, state and local shale-related regulations.

Put simply, shale development is safe and well-regulated in the commonwealth. Pennsylvania has nearly 70 specific shale regulations. In fact, the State Review of Oil and Natural Gas Environmental Regulations — a national independent nonprofit organization — has touted Pennsylvania’s strong, modernized regulatory framework. These strong regulations reflect the shale industry’s commitment to across-the-board operational and environmental safety for the communities where we’re privileged to work as well as for our employees.

Moreover, thanks to the expanded development and use of clean-burning natural gas, U.S. carbon dioxide emissions are at their lowest levels in more than 20 years, according to the federal government.

And it’s not just our environment that’s getting an important boost — consumers everywhere are as well. According to a new Brookings Institution report, shale development “has improved the economic well-being of consumers $74 billion per year.”

Our industry, which operates in the same communities we call home, remains committed to safety, adhering to and exceeding rigorous environmental standards, enhancing public health overall, as well as a fact-based dialogue.

Erica Clayton Wright
Marcellus Shale Coalition
North Fayette

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