MSC Statement on Potential Gas Committee Report

Pittsburgh, Pa. – Marcellus Shale Coalition president David Spigelmyer issued this statement on today’s release of the Potential Gas Committee’s latest biennial assessment of the nation’s natural gas resources:

“Thanks to shale, the U.S. has rapidly transformed from a nation preparing to import natural gas to meet our domestic needs to one that now leads the world in natural gas production. This report should serve as a reminder to policymakers that we should pursue commonsense solutions aimed at further leveraging our own energy reserves to create even more good-paying jobs, especially across our manufacturing sector.

“And smart policies that encourage – rather than discourage – expanded natural gas production and use will also continue to benefit each and every American consumer. Stable supplies of affordable, domestically-produced natural gas have been an economic shot in the arm during one of the most financially challenging periods in a century, particularly for low-income families who’s disposable incomes are spent heavily on energy and home-heating costs.

“We have a historic and generational opportunity to reignite America’s economic engine and to further enhance our environment through utilizing more of our domestic and abundant natural gas resources.”

# # #