New Video: “Shale Impact Fee Benefits all of Pennsylvania”

Pittsburgh, Pa. – Today, the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) released a new online video highlighting the broad-based benefits being realized across Pennsylvania associated with shale impact fee tax revenues. The video – entitled “Shale Impact Fee Benefits all of Pennsylvania” – features facts, figures and examples of how the $630 million in impact fee tax revenue is boosting communities across the Commonwealth’s 67 counties.


Click HERE to view this video on the MSC’s YouTube page.

Commenting on the video, MSC president Dave Spigelmyer said: “The safe development of job-creating shale gas continues to deliver positive benefits for the entire Commonwealth. Small businesses are growing, our region’s manufacturing base is being revitalized, consumers are seeing more stable energy costs, and Pennsylvania’s workforce – especially organized labor – is realizing huge opportunities. And we’re ensuring that our environment is protected and enhanced.”

Added Spigelmyer: “At the same time, our industry is contributing enormously to our economy, helping to drive Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate down to its lowest level since the recession began, while also generating huge amounts of much-needed revenue for local, county and state government. In addition to the more than $2.1 billion in various taxes generated from shale production, our industry has paid $630 million through a special tax in just three years, making important community-focused investments possible.”

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